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1000 Researchers to Improve Oil Sands Impact

1000 Researchers on Oil Sands Reclamation

Oil Sands Research and Information Network – OSRIN

At the University of Alberta, more than 1000 researchers are collaborating on a single challenge; responsible development of our oil sands. Yes, that’s right! In Edmonton, Alberta at the University of Alberta the Oil Sands Research and Information Network are working hard to make a better future for our environments and our health.

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Oil Sands Research and Information Network is an independent research group based at the University of Alberta who envision a future where the economic benefits through development of the oil sands can happen without sacrificing the well-being of the ecosystems or human populations. They analyse, interpret and compile information about returning land and water sources affected by the oil sands development back to a natural state and forward this information to people who have the influence to implement change in environmental policy.

Canadian Oil Sands Are…

OSRIN has three different kinds of customers

  • Industry – Oil and gas companies purchase research at OSRIN to help them create and execute their reclamations to minimize the environmental impact of operations such as mining and drilling.
  • Governments – Governments are always looking for credible information from independent group research that will help institute new regulatory foundations and policy guidelines.
  • Media, public and opinion leaders – Debate concerning the oil sands needs to be fueled by facts. Hard facts are supplied to these groups / people so that the public is informed by truth.

OSRIN’s focus is to help facilitate new regulations, technology and practices that will diminish the pollution caused by current oil sands development methods. Over the decades there has been many different groups working on their own research, which is taken by OSRIN and combined into a presentable form that helps their clients move toward solutions. OSRIN is constantly looking for new research partners who will boost their knowledge and fill any gaps of information they need for the next, possible solution of the future.

10 Real GHG Facts for the Oil Sands

OSRIN has six different agenda’s supported by funds

  • Reclamation of Tailing Ponds – to find ways to implement faster reclamation of tailings ponds and disposal dumps as well as research and development to find to new ways to do so.
  • Reclamation of Regional Landscape – to supply necessary knowledge to properly reclaim regional oil sand development sites and further reduce environmental impact.
  • Observing Impacts of Oil Sands Development on Ecosystems – to monitor the influence oil sands development has on the regional ecosystems – this system has the support of the public and is scientifically proven.
  • Increasing Public Awareness – To make the public aware of OSRIN’s goals and other relevant issues through an active internet website, sponsoring related events, publication of research and digital preservation of important information.
  • Economic, Social and Regulatory – To identify issues that might prohibit improvement for the environment during reclamation as well as evaluate the efficiency of environmental administration to address issues in the economic, social and regulatory categories.
  • Company Refinement – OSRIN is always looking to improve their own company so they can deliver a better refined product with more tangible research.

Alberta Survey for Oil Sands

I encourage you to comment, tweet, call, write, engage & discuss the prosperity, positivity and progression that’s making the oil sands a cleaner, more efficient industry! Thanks for stopping in. Come back soon for more intriguing articles.

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