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Alberta Baby Boom Part 2

The Alberta Baby Boom Part 2

Alberta Birth Rates 2010











Albertans have more births that any other province, primarily due to us having the lowest median age among all Provinces. You can also see from the chart above that Alberta and Saskatchewan lead the country as two of western Canada`s three provinces. This year Alberta will have the most births ever recorded! 

Why does Alberta have the youngest median age throughout Canada? This is influenced greatly by the high amount of people that migrate here from within Canada and from abroad. These new Albertans tend to be younger, and they settle here and start or continue growing their families. Additionally people that are born here seem more likely to stick around, more so then people who move here for jobs, and then these native Albertans start families of their own.

With Canada and most of the developed worlds aging population, having a localized provincial economy where we have more young people is very positive.  Population growth is a main contributor and driver in economic grown, this implies the natural rate of economic growth in Alberta should also be higher! The most populous city in Alberta and western Canada`s business hub, Calgary is the youngest city in Canada!

Source: ATB

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