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Alberta Census and Oil Sands

Alberta Census – West Leads Canadian Growth

Every year we seem to be annoyed by the Census Guy or Gal stopping by your door at what seems like the most inconvenient time, Well they have a method to their madness and this article is about to provide you with facts that will make you see how important these studies are for the Province that we are all thriving in.

Alberta Census

Due to the massive developments in the oil sands and continued prosperity in our energy sector people have been flocking to our province, to give you an idea of the growth, the population grew 13.4% in the last 5 years, which is huge. It may leave some people nervous with thoughts that there will be an increase in unemployment but that is the far from the truth, this population growth came because of a huge increase in job openings Over 79,500 to be exact and growing since 2011 due to the natural resource sector, specifically the oil and gas sector. Alberta has led the North American job market for the last decade.

Alberta has the lowest unemployment rate coming in at 5% as of January 2012, and the West now has 10 million people living in it and with the current statistics we are only going to continue to grow and prosper economically. Alberta is also forecast to lead Canada with GDP growth in 2012.

The biggest problem we seem to be facing at this point is companies need more employees to grow and we don’t have them, with continued growth prospects the west is only bound to grow larger in order to fill these positions. Calgary is Canada’s head office leader per capita and Alberta incomes also lead Canada.

None of this growth would be possible without the Oilsands, they are estimated to provide the province and Canada with trillions of dollars in the next few decades. Oil sands are providing families with the economic means to prosper and live stable lives with the chances of obtaining more and growing.  As Alberta’s most populous city and Canada’s energy capital, not to mention home to 40% of the worlds oil and gas companies, Calgary also has more millionaires than anywhere else in Canada per capita.

I would suggest and the evidence is quite clear, the oil sands and not only Alberta’s growth but also Canada’s is correlated. When you break it down and look at the facts, analyze the science and consider the 4 E’s of the oil sands ( Energy Security, Environmental Performance, Economic Prosperity and Ethical Implications) you will see the benefits and the amazing progress. Before you accuse the oil sands of fictious accusations get educated and look at the facts. You may also want to ask yourself this: Would we be able to have the lives we have if we didn’t have the oil sands? Would we be able to provide a strong and stable home for our families without the oil sands? Have you truly looked into the environmental effects of the oil sands ? The answer to your question my friends is no, without the oil sands we would not be prospering the way we are. Not to mention the oil sands is the worlds only major oil reserve that funds democracy and public companies in a country where freedom of speech is protected and the environment is rigorously monitored.

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