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Alberta Economic Drivers: Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture Have Their Part to Play in Alberta

5 Kings Calgary Alberta Break Dance ShowThere’s no denying that the Alberta’s energy industry is the one of the most important economic drivers for the province. But there are other contributors that have their own part to play in success of Alberta’s economy – our arts and culture are one of them.

Established in 1991, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) is a government run organization whose purpose is to support the development of arts in our province. The AFA funds approximately 26,000 arts and cultural events every year that reach around 60 percent of villages, towns and cities.

Arts and cultural events in Alberta are responsible for generating around $378 million annually. Non-profit organizations that are funded by the AFA spend over $188 million per year simply to set up these events, while almost $191 million in revenue is generated from them. Statistics also show that for 22 full-time jobs are created for every $1 million spent by Alberta’s non-profit organizations.

In reality, the gross domestic product (GDP) generated by arts and culture are dwarfed by the numbers produced by Alberta’s forestry, energy and agricultural industries. But in a province that should consider diversifying its economic portfolio, any amount of money is welcome and encouraged by government (hence the AFA).

GlobalFest fireworks festival CalgaryLocal Activities and Events

It’s important for us Albertans to remember that it’s the arts and culture that makes our province such a great place to live. In Calgary for example, there are several festivals year round that allow locals to experience arts and culture they never would have before, which are commonplace for countless people to gather and enjoy themselves. A few include…

  • And many, many more!

No matter where it is in Alberta you live, there surely is an arts event happening in your community this week. You’ll not only have fun and learn things, but you’ll also be supporting the provinces economy while you’re at it!

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