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Charcut Calgary Restaurant Review Part 2

  • March 9, 2012
  • By Cody Battershill

Calgary Restaurant Review Charcut Part 2

Charcut Calgary

Some things are so good they deserve more than one review! This is my second review for Charcut, find the first Charcut review here.

It’s 10:30PM on Thursday and Charcut is still unbelievable busy. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise as this has been Calgary’s culinary hot spot since their doors opened in 2009.

My personal favourites include their roasted garlic burger with a sizzling fried egg on it. But anything with a fried egg tastes good. Their slow roasted chicken is incredibly soft and tender ... each delectable morsel invites your taste buds back for more and more.

 And it would be a sin to forgo their duck fat fried poutine with truffle gravy. Probably one of the best poutine in town.

Finish off the meal (if you have any room in your stomach) with their homemade desserts including their preserved cherry cheesecake in a jar.

 The staff are amazingly courteous and attentive. Occasionally, Connie DeSousa – Top Chef Canada contestant and local culinary darling – will visit each guest and ask about their dining experience. That type of one-on-one customer service is a big reason why I keep returning to Charcut.

Charcut might not be considered soul food but you can sure taste the love in the preparation of their menu. Make sure you make reservations! Lunch and dinner are always full! 403-984-2180

Cody at Charcut

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