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Alberta is Growing

Growing Population for Alberta

Alberta is GrowingAlberta’s oil sands are booming and will continue to do so as long as the world needs oil. High oil prices have driven Canadians from all provinces, especially from the east, to come and work here in Alberta for great pay and benefits. Oil and gas companies in the province are doing everything they can to give Canadians incentive join the work force and for good reason. Recent estimates by the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada suggest that in the next 10 years the Alberta oil and gas industry will see a 73% increase in its workforce!

Even now there are massive labor shortages for the industry. No wonder these companies are doing everything they can to look for the most dedicated, skilled and able workers now, instead of later.

Some Migration Over the Past 10 Years

  • 206,000 people have migrated from Ontario to Alberta
  • 122,596 people have migrated from Alberta to Ontario
  • This still leaves us with a gain of 82,952 people here in Alberta!
  • Alberta has experienced a net gain of 23,000 people from Saskatchewan
  • Alberta has experienced a net gain of 17,000 people from Newfoundland
  • Alberta needs oil and gas workers; the province would like to raise their current 1.6 million barrels per day up to 5.4 million barrels per day by 2035!

Oil sands have created employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of Canadian citizens and is a main contributing factor to the strength of the Albertan economy. People should do well to remember that Alberta’s success doesn’t benefit only Albertan’s, but Canada as a whole. Living in a large country like Canada brings about many benefits for its citizens, including the opportunity to travel freely and be employed where work is available. I am grateful for being born in Canada!

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