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Calgary Restaurants – Japanese Village

  • February 26, 2011
  • By Cody Battershill

Take a trip to the Japanese Village!

Words to describe: Fun, Different, Delicious, EntertainingJapanese Village Calgary

Cost of Entrees: Range from about $25-$42

Yes it is a place to eat, but its also kinda fun and not your regular Calgary restaurant. If you have been to the Japanese Village before then you will know exactly what I'm talking about....

Japanese Village is more of an experience, which starts the second you sit at your table. Your chef cooks your food "Teppanyaki" style which means your food is cooked on a large grill right in front of you with some showmanship involved.

Japanese Village is delicious and fun! The chefs will weave a delightful and funny story into the cooking  E.g. " and now mushrooms from my basement"  and When you order any of the entrees (my favorite is the Steak and Lobster) you also get a Japanese soup, garden salad, shrimp appetizer, vegetables, rice, green tea and desert with your meal.

Some good things to know about Japanese Village:

  • It gets very very busy, make reservations.
  • They have a  seating schedule of every half hour.
  • You are normally alloted 90 minutes to eat and clear.
  • Try some Sake or one of their  Japanese beers - Sapporo, Asahi or Kirin.
  • Great for birthday parties BUT if someone doesn't show then you still get charged $25.
  • Don't meet chronically late people at Japanese Village. If you are late you may not be able to eat and you will disturb the flow of the meal and feel very rushed. (never fun)

Japanese Village is located at 317 10 Avenue SW, between Hifi and Whiskey. The phone number is (403) 262-2738

Teppanyaki MenuSeating at Japanese VillageChefs trick

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