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Oil and Gas

Calgary is the Oil and Gas Capital of Canada

I Love Alberta Oil and Gas

Canada GHG and Oil Reserves

  • 95% of Canada’s Oil reserves are in Alberta
  • Canada is the largest supplier of energy to the United States, the biggest energy market in the world
  • The Oil sands produce about 5% of Canada’s total GHG emissions and equal less than 1/10th of 1% of the World’s

I Love Alberta Oil and Gas

top 10 oil reserves

  • Canada is the 7th largest Oil producer in the world
  • Canada is the 3rd largest natural gas producer in the world
  • Oil sands total GHG emissions is equivalent to 1% of emissions from the United States power generation sector


  •  The Canadian Oil and Gas Industry employs 500,000 people in Canada (direct & indirect)
  • The Canadian Oil and Gas Industry represents about 25% of the Value on the TSX

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*Sources: CAPP, Government of Alberta, CIA World Fact Book, Environment Canada

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