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Calgary Landmarks Chinese Cultural Centre

Chinese Demand Alberta Real Estate

Smart Chinese Real Estate Buyers Come to Alberta Seems the smart Chinese real estate investors are starting to find out about the "Alberta Advantage".  With Canada's best growth forecasts and World Leading Economic Growth plus the Best Migra...

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Alberta Birth Rates 2010

Alberta Baby Boom Part 2

The Alberta Baby Boom Part 2                     Albertans have more births that any other province, primarily due to us having the lowest median age among all...

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Alberta Net Migration Chart

More Canadians To Call Alberta Home

Alberta Leads Migration In the first quarter of this year 5,275 people moved to Alberta from other Canadian Provinces. In the second quarter a total of 4, 720 people migrated here (largely from Ontario) Alberta should gain (in total) over 20,0...

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I Love Calgary

Everyone Loves Calgary

A Report Card on Calgary Its no secret that I LOVE Calgary,  and I have this list of 20 reasons and counting to explain why! Besides my reasons there are many sources that agree with me. Sources that have done comparisons to other great Ca...

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Baby Boom in Calgary

Calgary Baby Boom

Babies Galore in Calgary Further to a story I wrote the other day about how Calgary is the youngest of major Canadian cities,  I'm sure a lot of you feel like this year you have seen more baby bumps than you have in a long time, since 2007 in...

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Canadian population and demographics in Calgary and Alberta

The Youngest City in Canada

Comparing Alberta's Young and Old Demographics play a big role in society. Government's must allocate funding towards more services like schools or more retirement homes and health care services depending on the populations age distribution ...

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