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New Record Set by Alberta Bars and Restaurants

Alberta Bars and Restaurants See New Sales High! Many recent accolades received by Calgary and Edmonton have shown that even with the economic downturns experienced since 2008 Alberta has continued to head in a positive direction. And now there’s another record breaker to add to the list, this time it’s to do with Alberta's … [Read more...]

Alberta Highest Population Growth Rate Canada 2012

Alberta - Highest Rate of Population Growth in Canada 2012 It isn’t unusual for Alberta to have the highest rate of population growth of all the Canadian provinces. Over the past few decades, people from other parts of our nation and the world have flocked to Alberta looking for the next best opportunity whether it is in … [Read more...]

Alberta – Best Weather in Canada

Alberta Has the Best Weather in Canada! When it comes to the weather in Calgary, most who live here would say to predict the unpredictable. It’s true... from cold snaps to sweltering heat to mid-winter Chinooks, you never know what quite to expect from the weather when living in Calgary. On a positive note, citizens should be … [Read more...]

Calgary – 5th Highest Quality of Life 2012

Calgary 5th Highest Quality of Life 2012 Most of us here in Alberta know that we are pretty fortunate to live where we do. But how many of us truly know how amazing Alberta really is? Sometimes it takes an outside source to recognize just how good it is for us before we can do so ourselves. This outside source just published … [Read more...]

Alberta Ranks Top Economic Freedom North America 2011

Alberta Ranks Top in 2011 Economic Freedom Report by Fraser Institute Alberta has done it again. The western Canadian province has made another top list! This time it is the 2011 Economic Freedom Report by the Fraser Institute that Alberta tops as number one, surpassing every other Canadian province as well as all of the … [Read more...]

Best Photos and Activities in Banff and Canmore Alberta

Best Banff and Canmore photos on Facebook page Calgaryism Part of what makes living in Calgary so amazing is the location. Not only do we have an international airport, we are only hours away from the U.S. border, lakes, ski resorts and natural reserve areas including Banff National Park, one of the worlds most beautiful … [Read more...]

Alberta and Accommodating the Inbound

Accommodating those inbound to Alberta - September 2012 Those who use the LRT system in Calgary have probably noticed how packed the C-Trains have been as of late, a direct result of a high influx of people moving to Alberta. The province hasn’t seen this many inbound people since the last boom period, and if it keeps going the … [Read more...]

5 Things I Love About Fort McMurray Alberta

5 Things I Love About Fort McMurray Alberta Fort McMurray is a place in northern Alberta, approximately 4 to 5 hours north of Edmonton. A little while ago, I decided I would take a tour of the city myself. Here are my 5 favourite things about Fort McMurray! 1 - Diversity – Fort McMurray is a diverse city made up of … [Read more...]