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Separate oil and state

Separate Oil and State - Do you Remember this Greenpeace Stunt:                         Well, they were right! How nice of them to draw such dramatic attention to the fact Canada is the only country in the worlds top 10 oil … [Read more...]

The Canadian Oil Sands Is

The Canadian oil sands is = Many things to many different people, here are a few words that should come to your mind when you hear the word oil sands! Transparency Freedom Democracy Progress Prosperity and more! Number's = the oil sands is forecast to add $2.1 Trillion to the Canadian economy in the next 25 … [Read more...]

5 Outrageous Claims About the Northern Gateway Pipeline

5 More Outrageous Claims about Northern Gateway Pipeline   If you find this interesting and want to share the truth with your friends and network then please tweet about it, share it on facebook or +1 it! Help spread the truth! Sometimes it almost seems like opponents of Canada's energy industry literally make up stuff … [Read more...]

5 shocking myths about the Northern Gateway pipeline

5 shocking myths about the Northern Gateway pipeline If you like this please tweet about it, share it on facebook or +1 it! Help spread the truth! Northern Gateway is a proposed pipeline from Alberta to the coast of B.C. that will be used to transport Canadian oil sands crude to tankers that will ship the oil to customers in … [Read more...]

Oil Sands By the Numbers – 10 Real GHG Facts

10 real greenhouse gas facts about the oil sands you need to know                             1. The oil sands is 0.1% of world global greenhouse gas emissions 2. Top climate scientist says Oil sands is not … [Read more...]

Alberta Census and Oil Sands

Alberta Census - West Leads Canadian Growth Every year we seem to be annoyed by the Census Guy or Gal stopping by your door at what seems like the most inconvenient time, Well they have a method to their madness and this article is about to provide you with facts that will make you see how important these studies are for the … [Read more...]

5 shocking lies about the oil sands

 5 Shocking lies about the oil sands   Lie #1: The oil sands has destroyed an area the size of Florida: Reality: the oilsands deposits sit underneath an area comparable to the size of Florida BUT only 3% of the oil sands deposits are shallow enough to ever be mined. Anyone who says the oil sands will destroy an … [Read more...]

9 Amazing truths about the oil sands

The Canadian oil sands is contantly improving on all fronts We want to hear from you! Leave a comment at the end of this article! If you liked this please tweet it, +1 it and share it on facebook! This article is aimed at correcting some of the mis-information out there.  There is a never ending stream of fiction that the oil … [Read more...]

Greenpeace Co-Founder Praises the Alberta Oil Sands

Greenpeace's Co-Founder Praises the Oil Sands Did you know that all land disturbed by oil sands mining must legally be reclaimed back to a naturally vegetative state under stringent regulations from the provincial government of Alberta? Find out why the co-founder of Greenpeace supports the oil sands environmental stewardship … [Read more...]

The Worst Oil Spills in History

TOP 5 WORST OIL SPILLS and KEYSTONE XL With all the media attention recently of the Keystone XL pipeline protests, I thought it fitting to talk about the environment. Speaking of the protests, there were 1,200 or so arrests at the White House last month, and the upcoming November 6th "Circle the White House" protest is hoping … [Read more...]

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