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Do What the Locals Do – Episode 5 – Calgary Zoo

Do What the Locals Do – Episode 5 – Calgary Zoo The Calgary Zoo is a great place for some harmless fun by yourself, with friends, family or your significant other. Located in the NE community of Bridgeland, it is close to the downtown business district of Calgary, where citizens can choose to ride the north east destined LRT … [Read more...]

Calgary’s Best Ice Cream Spots

We All Scream for Ice Cream! Ice cream lovers, this is for you! Always find yourself looking for the perfect stop in Calgary to grab a cone and go? Looking for the dairy free sorbet or for delicious Calgary gelato in the middle of winter?! We have your answers with the best of the best ice cream in Calgary at your finger … [Read more...]

Do What the Locals Do – Episode 4 – Kananaskis Country

Do What The Locals Do – Episode 4 - Kananaskis Country Kananaskis Country is a favorite place to go for many Calgarians during all seasons. Whether it be cross-country skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking or dirt-biking, the 4000 square kilometers of mountains and foothills are a great place for outdoor activities year … [Read more...]

Do What the Locals Do – Episode 3 – River pathways

Do What the Locals Do – Episode 3 – Calgary River Parkways As a young kid I remember going down to the Eau Claire water park with my family to play in the heat of the summer sun. What usually followed after was a long and strenuous bike ride journey that seemed like it would never end along the Bow and Elbow river … [Read more...]

Do What the Locals Do – Episode 2 – COP

Do What the Locals Do – Episode 2 – Canada Olympic Park Calgary attractions, events and activities! Do what the locals do, part 2 in our series! Are you new to Calgary? Or here just for a short visit? Do what the locals do and visit Canada Olympic Park if you have time! You won’t regret it! Ski – Canada Olympic Park is where … [Read more...]

Calgary Outdoor Activities

Calgary Outdoor Activities and Events Snow or shine, there is always lots of outdoor activities to do in Calgary, Alberta. Whether your a sports fanatic, love to exercise outdoor or simply enjoy the outdoors, mother nature has a little bit of something for everyone! If your stuck on what to do outdoors, check out our … [Read more...]

Calgary Activities – Calgary Zoo

Calgary Activities and Events - The Calgary Zoo The Calgary zoo is a great activity to try in Calgary. I said try but I should have said visit, this is one of those activities you can go back to a few times a year. It is always nice to see the animals and stimulate your imagination to think about the rest of the world and all … [Read more...]

Calgary Interactive Maps

Calgary Interactive Maps! Calgary was rated the 5th best city to live in the world again for 2011 by the Economist, a highly respected and widely read news magazine. The Toronto Board of Trade also ranked our wonderful city as the third most prosperous in this years prosperity index. It seems we have many unique statistics and … [Read more...]

The Best Calgary Cooking Classes

The Best Calgary Cooking Classes Tired of eating out and feel like cooking? Or just want to spruce up your skills? Cooking classes are always a great way to try something new. They are also a great date/group idea! There are many different places that offer cooking classes all with different types of food and different skills … [Read more...]

Calgary Activities This Weekend

Calgary Activities This Weekend November 03 Calgary Activities for Friday David Acer Stand-Up Comedy Laughshop at 8pm till tomorrow Come down to the laughshop for something fun and different and enjoy the comedic styling's of David Acer Calgary Snow Fest Located at C.O.P at 3pm All Weekend An exciting new winter … [Read more...]

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