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Alberta and Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Alberta and GHG Reductions

Alberta and GHG emissions

  • Alberta was the first jurisdiction in North America to legislate industrial greenhouse gas emission reductions
  • Air quality around oil sands operations are better than all North American cities reviewed by the Alberta Clean Air Strategic Alliance

The province of Alberta has committed…

  • $4 billion toward climate change initiatives, including;
  • $2 billion for public transit and
  • $2 billion for carbon capture and storage (CCS), the largest CCS investment in the WORLD

Our province has committed to reducing GHG emissions. Have you? Find out what you can do to help at 20 Ways to Save Energy!

In 2011

An unaudited account of greenhouse gas emission has shown that Albertan companies have reduced their output by a whopping 10.1 million tonnes (MT) in 2011. Going hand in hand with other GHG reduction projects, our province can proudly say that 33.6 MT has been eliminated as a result from all GHG reduction programs.

Albertan companies contributed around $55.4 million towards the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund, used for investing in technology and other projects to help in the reduction of GHG in Alberta.

What is the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund?

The CCEMC is in accord with Alberta’s regulations for GHG emission reductions. Those companies who are required to comply with GHG regulations for each annum have the option to pay $15 dollars for every tonne over the provinces reduction target. It is a smart method to help support the creation and application of technologies of the future in our province, while also giving us the ability to adapt to any climate change that occurs.

As an independent organization from government, the CCEMC is responsible for making any investments to projects and initiatives that are working towards bettering our provinces ability to adapt to climate change.

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If you want to know more about GHG in Alberta, be sure read Oil Sands and Greenhouse Gases today!

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