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How to Find the Right Calgary Real Estate Agent & REALTOR®

  • October 20, 2015
  • By Cody Battershill

10 Questions to Help You Find the Right Calgary Real Estate Agent & REALTOR® for the Job...Finding the Right Calgary Realtor

Would you hire a babysitter without an interview? What about a contractor, mechanic, dentist, music teacher, doctor, daycare provider, accountant or lawyer? Well I would hope not, and you shouldn't treat hiring a REALTOR® any differently!

Here are some key questions you should be asking your potential real estate agent / REALTOR® the next time your looking for one to help you with selling and / or buying in today's market.

#1 - What are your references?interview in progress

It is important to know how satisfied past clients are with a real estate agent.

  • Did the REALTOR® keep them in the loop and return phone calls diligently?
  • Was he or she professional and helpful every step of the way?
  • Did he or she provide exemplary service and help with all steps of the buying and / or selling process?

You should be able to personally call some of the REALTOR®'s past clients to get personal references.

#2 - How will you stay in touch and communicate with me?

With all of today’s current technology, there is no excuse for a REALTOR® to not communicate in a prompt and timely manner that is most convenient for you. E-mail, text message, Tweet, Facebook, Blackberry Messenger and more are just a few way to keep in touch.

You should ALWAYS know exactly what is going on with your transaction and ALWAYS be completely informed with all the information available at that time. This is crucial to being able to make the most informed decisions throughout your transaction.

#3 - Why did you become a REALTOR®?

When answering this question it gives the REALTOR® the opportunity to show you what their work ethic and business philosophy are in their own words. You will get a feeling for their passion and zest and true attitude about the business, and, ultimately your transaction!

You want to make sure that the REALTOR® will put your comfort, happiness, and needs first and foremost because this could very well be one of the largest purchases you'll ever make in your lifetime.

#4 - What designations / certifications do you have?Calgary Realtor Interview 4 Questions

Many people think that once you gain certification as a real estate agent and REALTOR® that you don't need to continually improve through continued education, certifications and designations. This is simply NOT true!

Your potential REALTOR® should be able to show you their initiative to learn, specialize, improve and differentiate from the rest of the pack and prove they are truly dedicated to being the best they can be by taking further courses and advancing their education in the field as far as possible.

See VIDEO: Cody Battershill, REMAX Agent & REALTOR® today for a glimpse at Cody's resume and accomplishments that distinguishes him as one of the best in the industry.

#5 - How many homes have you sold in the past year? Are you a full time REALTOR®?

Just because someone has been in the business for several years doesn’t mean they are still plugged into the market and current trends. You want a proven record of success and a full-time REALTOR® whose only goal is to help you accomplish your real estate goals and nothing less.

So what are the advantages of using a full-time REALTOR® versus part-time?

#6 - What is your marketing plan for selling my home?

What makes your Calgary agent / REALTOR® unique when it comes to selling? If you do plan on doing so you want to ensure that the REALTOR® you choose is going to be doing everything possible to sell your home!

From open houses and email campaigns, video tours to virtual tours to online and print advertising (just to name a few), your home needs to stand apart from the crowd and receive the best possible exposure.

Wondering what Cody will do for you when it comes time to sell? Get an obligation-free Competitive Market Analysis today!

#7 - What connections do you have?

Will the REALTOR® you choose be able to refer you to a mortgage broker, lawyer, home inspector, home stager etc.? It is always a good idea to go with trusted referrals before you just Google a profession in an area.

Having the right support team on your side can make the deal that much easier for you. See Why a Home Inspection is as Important as it Gets today.

#8 - How can you make this process easier for me?Buying a Home in Calgary

Communication is the most important part of the transaction. From there, ease of access to home listings, booking showings, arranging driving directions, working around your schedule, getting you all of the information you request and need and just generally being available to you 24/7 to handle all details means the process should be as easy, efficient and stress free as possible.

After all, we are talking about a service industry. Does your REALTOR® make you feel like they are in the service industry or the sales industry?

#9 - Do you keep up with current events?

It is important that your REALTOR® keeps up with government policies, economic trends and other factors that influence the real estate market. Otherwise, when you’re looking at a nice home that “backs out onto open space” might actually turn out to be the new planned highway route or otherwise disastrous consequence a few years down the road.

See, we keep up to date on everything happening in Calgary - and not just real estate - but local activities, events, restaurants and more. See it all at our Best Calgary Homes Blog.

#10 - What involvement, if any, do you have in the community?

This really just shows character, kindness and dedication to the community. I don’t know about you, but I would rather work with someone who is donating their time and money to the betterment of our city and giving back to our community.

Check out some of  the testimonials for Cody Battershill, REMAX Agent today.

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