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Alberta and Low Employment Rates

Low Unemployment Rates in Alberta Compared to OECD Nations

Most people looking for a job in Alberta know that finding one isn’t particularly hard to do as times are good in the province. But how good exactly do we have it compared to the rest of the world? Albertans might be amazed to know that we are faring quite well in comparison to the rest of developed nations of the world as far as unemployment rates go. Amazing!

Alberta Prosperity - Unemployment Rates Chart

If you don’t know what The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development does (OECD), they keep track of unemployment rates in developed nations and issue them in detailed reports. With so much doubt seen lately in some major economies (United States and Europe), unemployment rates have been extremely varied.

Out of all the OECD nations, Spain currently holds the highest unemployment rates at a staggering 24.6 percent. That’s a quarter of its population without a job! Second on the OECD’s list is Greece, with a 21.9 percent of its populace unemployed. Next up is Portugal, with an unemployment rate of 15.2 percent. For the European Union as a whole, unemployment rates are sitting at 10.3 percent.

In regards to those with the lowest unemployment rates, the oil rich nation of Norway leads with only 3.0 percent of its populace without a job. And for the Asian OECD nations, Japan and South Korea are among the lowest. Even though Japan has a low unemployment rate, it is not to say that its economy is doing well as it continues to struggle through the aftermath of repeated tsunami’s.

If Alberta could be counted as its separate nation amongst the ones found on the OECD’s list, it would be ranked near the top! With a 4.5 percent rate of unemployment, Alberta would rank fourth amongst the developed nations of the world! Remarkable!

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