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Alberta Labour Shortages and Quebec

Alberta Labor Shortages Concern for Alberta’s Companies Once Again

Labour shortages have once again become a concern for companies in Alberta. Recruitment policies are in effect to facilitate the hiring of foreign migrants and temporary workers from other Canadian provinces, especially from Quebec where we are seeing large numbers of job seekers coming to Alberta for work.

From September to December of 2011, approximately 969 Quebeckers packed their things and relocated to the western province. On the other hand around 464 Albertans moved to Quebec, leaving a net gain of 505 people in the favour of Alberta. This was the highest net migration among the two provinces since 2008.

Alberta Labour Shortages - Quebec and Alberta Graph

Interprovincial migration to and from the western province is following a common trend; people come for work during the boom and then leave when the bust arrives. The chart included in this article shows the inflow of Quebeckers during the booming period of 2005 to 2008, as well as their outflow in the busting period of 2009 to 2010 where many lost their jobs and headed back home. For 2011, the movement between the provinces has once again shifted in Alberta’s favour.

Don’t be mistaken, Quebec is not the province who leads in migration to Alberta. That title still belongs to Ontario. Regardless, Quebec has twice the number of people than Alberta and could be an increasingly valuable source of adept workers for western companies.

A comparison of unemployment rates between the provinces shows reason for why job seekers are moving west. Quebec is sitting at 7.8% while Alberta holds the nation’s lowest unemployment rate at 4.5%, meaning more jobs and opportunity in the western province.

For an in depth look into some more of our nation’s most recent economics, check out our Canadian Economics Summary. Thanks for stopping in at Best Calgary Homes! Come back soon for more insights into our nations economy.