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Alberta Love’s Its Wine

Wine Consumption Grows in Alberta

Canadian Wine ConsumptionA new record has been set for Alberta. Data recently released through Statistics Canada shows the amount of wine consumed by Albertans in 2011 was 16.2 litres per person. Wow!

Increasing Popularity…

  • In 1950, only 1.4 litres per person were consumed
  • In 2000, consumption increased to 12.1 litres per person

Even though 16.2 litres per person might sound like a lot, its average when compared to other provinces! Quebeckers indulge the most by far with approximately 23 litres per person. British Columbia comes second with 19.9 litres per person and the Canadian average is just above Alberta’s average at 16.5 litres.

Reasons for it…

Increasing wine consumption rates in Alberta are a result of a few different things. Income levels are on the rise in Alberta, giving its citizens larger amounts of disposable income. Amongst other things, wine is making the list on what to spend it on.

Another factor is the recent discoveries of how wine can be beneficial to your health, especially red wine. Even though it might not be on Health Canada’s suggested foods list, it doesn’t mean that people who are conscious about their health won’t take it into consideration when deciding on what to buy at the liquor store. If wine has some kind of benefit at all to drinking it, then why not!

Some reasons why wine is moderately healthy are naturally occurring plant compounds that reduce the risk of some cancers, heart disease and act to deter the progression of degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. However, the amount of wine is a determining factor if it is actually healthy, or bad for your health. It is recommended to drink 2 glasses per day for men, and 1 for women. One glass is a 5 ounce portion.

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