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Alberta Population Continues to Grow in 2013

Alberta Population Growth Continues to Lead Provinces in 2013

Alberta Flag Wind Sunny DayI don’t know about you, but the last time I was stuck in “rush hour like” traffic in Calgary on a Saturday was, well let me think… maybe once or twice a year during the Stampede weekends.

But this wasn’t during the greatest outdoor show on Earth and neither was it a result of the recent floods as I was heading northbound on Crowchild Trail almost past McMahon Stadium.

My intuition immediately led me to ask myself the question; just how many people are moving to Calgary from in Canada and around the world?

It seems like there are more cars on our roads these days than ever before and my intuition was absolutely correct! Alberta population growth has continued to increase steadily well into the year of 2013, a trend that has overlapped with the year 2012 when Alberta had the highest population growth rate of all the Canadian provinces!

Canada Economy Chart IpadThe Statistics…

In the first four months of 2013, approximately 26,700 people moved to Alberta from other Canadian provinces, while close to 13,300 moved away.

This is a substantial net gain of around 13,400 people, a figure that almost matched the Alberta population surge in the summer of 2012 when an estimated net gain of 13,915 moved to the province. It is also one of the highest quarterly population gains over the past two decades!

Combine this number of inbound migrants with international migration and natural population growth in Alberta to get a total population of approximately 3,695,300 people.

But Why?

Alberta’s consistently strong economy contributes to an abundance of employment opportunities as well as one of the highest average annual household incomes of all the provinces. It’s no wonder why people from Canada are choosing to pack up their things and move to Alberta!

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