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Calgary Public Art – “Ascension” by INCIPIO MODO

Calgary Public Art – “Ascension” by INCIPIO MODO

ascension downtown calgary west end public art display

Quick Facts

  • INCIPIO MODO was selected through a process called targeting Alberta artists
  • The group was given a budget of $66,650 to complete the project
  • Funds were allocated from the same fund created to implement the City of Calgary Centre City Parks and Public Realm Enhancements Plan
  • Ascension was installed in December of 2012

If you’ve taken a stroll along 10th Street Bridge NW from the Kensington BRZ southward into the downtown’s west end, chances are that you’ve stumbled across “Ascension” located at Poetic Park Plaza on 9th Avenue and 4th Street SW.

After all, this is a unique and abstract public art installation that’s hard to miss.

Immediately noticeable are two larger than life spider-like insects that seem to be making their way to the top of a distinct Albertan landscape of changing elevation and diverse terrain.

Their journey symbolizes: the notions of ascension, direction, loyalty, teamwork and value of life.


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Born in Mexico City…Incipio modo Calgary public art

Artists INCIPIO MODO was created by two sculptors, Edwarn Beltran and Danira Miralda. Born in Mexico City’s Roma District back in 2007, the artists were awarded a government grant for a public art project which included using a Japanese trolley as their sculpture studio for the next three years.

The artists had the trolley permanently parked in from of the Plaza Luis Cabrera as a means to fully expose and unveil the productions of the group to all passersby’s with the goal to delight, encourage and edify the citizens living in such a large and unstable city.

Now, the groups’ art pieces have transcended from the street of Mexico City to other world cities with the intent of reflecting these morals and values wherever they are on display.

Together the tandem produces abstract, figurative and stand-alone art pieces in a variety of settings and scales.

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