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10 Reasons to Love Alberta, Canada

  • June 16, 2015
  • By Cody Battershill

10 Reasons (and Counting...) Why I Love Alberta, CanadaAlberta Top Travel Destination 2014 UK The Guardian Newspaper Infographic

From the boreal forests in the north to the grass lands in the south, the park lands in the east to the foothills and mountains in the west, Alberta’s beauty is expansive and radiates like a shining light anywhere you’ll go.

Apart from its breathtaking scenery, Alberta is also known for its strong economic performance even amid downturn in other provinces of Canada.

As a born and raised Albertan, I am extremely proud to tell you why I love my province with these 10 reasons to love Alberta, Canada.

Please leave a comment below and let me know why you love Alberta – I will add your reasons to the list!

#1 - Rocky MountainsKananaskis Country Calgary

You know those places that you wish you could just stay for a while longer? Well, Alberta’s Rocky Mountains fits the description perfectly with its soaring peaks, lush alpine forests, crystal-blue lakes and majestic wildlife.

More than half of our provinces population live within a three hours’ drive to the mountains where they can discover protected provincial and national parks such as:

  • Banff National Park – 90 minutes west of Calgary
  • Jasper National Park – 180 minutes west of Edmonton
  • Kananaskis Country – 45 minutes west of Calgary
  • Waterton Lakes National Park – 180 minutes south of Calgary

These parks offer a variety of recreational activities such as horseback riding, white water rafting, rock-climbing, camping, golfing, fishing and hunting in the summer and dog-sledding, down-slope skiing, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling in the winter.

Are you in the Calgary area and are looking for some fun activities to do in the mountains this summer? Check out these 3 Things to Do in Banff, Alberta today.

#2 - World Class Ski-ResortsBest Calgary Winter Activities - Skiing

Did you know that there are eight ski resorts in the Alberta Rockies, five of which are considered to be world-class establishments?

Getting to some of the most popular ski-resorts like Lake Louise and Sunshine for example takes anywhere between two to three hours from Calgary and four to five from Edmonton.

That is why you’ll find that many Albertans don’t fret when winter is near; we mountain skiers and winter sport buffs actually embrace the snow fall with open arms! See more at our Best Calgary Winter Activities today.

#3 - A Dry WinterCalgary Activities - things to do in Calgary

You’ve probably heard some friends talk about winter in Toronto or Vancouver perhaps and how cold it feels because of the humidity in the air.

Well, Alberta’s bone-dry air is nothing nearly as humid as in those cities, making it much easier to warm up when returning inside from the deep freeze.

#4 - Lots of SunshineCalgary Sunny City Alberta Canada infographic

Chances are when you hit the slopes in mid-winter, the bright and sunny skies will bring warmth to your cheeks and put a big smile on your face.

That’s because Alberta is considered as one of the sunniest provinces in Canada year round.

Here are the days of sunshine some of its cities and towns get throughout the year according to Environment Canada:

  • Calgary – 52% sun, 2396 hours over 333 days
  • Edmonton – 50% sun, 2345 hours over 325 days
  • Grand Prairie – 46% sun, 2198 hours over 314 days
  • Fort McMurray – 44% sun, 2089 hours over 306 days
  • Lethbridge – 54% sun, 2507 hours over 333 days

#5 - Chinook WindsFamily Enjoying Winter

There’s no telling how mild or severe a winter in Alberta will be from year-to-year.

One thing for sure though is that those living in the southern part of the province are subject to a weather phenomenon called “Chinooks”, warm gusts of wind that can warm up a cold snowy day by 20°C and melt the winter blues away.

Chinooks have also been known to have an alleviating effect on people’s psychology – a breath of spring in the middle of winter.

#6 – Population DiversityDiversity and multi-culturalism in Calgary

Alberta’s population is incredibly diverse as many people not only from other parts of Canada, but around the world have made the western Canadian province their home.

These people bring with them their culture, food, story and everything in between, enriching daily life for everyone living in the province through personal interaction, cultural celebrations and ethnic food and drink.

Can you think of someone in your life who you are close with and isn’t from Alberta?

I can, and I know that it’s easy to take for granted just how much some parts of foreign traditions and culture have become a part of our very own Canadian identity. What a beautiful and thriving multicultural province it is that we live in!

#7 - LifestyleInner city park in Calgary

Thousands of people from around Canada and across the world move to Alberta, drawn by the high standard of living and their own personal / business relationships.

As part of the provincial population, we all share a serene natural environment and have the opportunity to enjoy arts, culture and recreation as much as we please.

More specifically, Alberta offers:

  • Safe urban cities and unique towns and villages
  • Accessible heath care and education
  • Diversity in culture – activities, events, festivals
  • Leisure and recreation opportunities indoors and out
  • Rich sports and arts communities, competitive play
  • Internationally recognized museums, world heritage sites and national parks

Living the Alberta lifestyle is something that many people desire… it’s all waiting here for you!

#8 - Low Taxes15 Ways to Increase Your Homes Value

Albertans are subject to only 5 percent Goods Sales Tax (GST).

Compared to other provinces that pay Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on top of GST, I’d say we are pretty fortunate.

Hopefully the recently elected New Democratic Party (NDP) doesn’t make any changes to this.

#9 - Strong EconomyAlberta Economic Report Conference Board of Canada A+ Infographic

Briefly mentioned above was Alberta’s strong economy that performs moderately well even when other provinces are experiencing downturn. A few facts on Alberta’s economy:

  • Between 1994 and 2014, Alberta led all of Canada’s provinces in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth with an average of 3.5 percent per annum
  • Between 1994 and 2014, over 500,000 jobs were created in the province
  • Between 1994 and 2014, Alberta`s manufacturing industry sales grew by 49 percent to $79 billion
  • Between 2004 and 2014, Alberta`s commodity exports grew by 91 percent to $121 billion
  • Regardless of the U.S. housing crisis and global economic recession between 2004 and 2014, Alberta`s exports of manufactured goods still managed to increase by 32 percent during this time
  • In 2014, Alberta`s unemployment rate was 4.7 percent - the second lowest in Canada

What does a strong economy translate into for us Albertans? Great job prospects, high income levels (highest in the country) and the opportunity to make a better life for ourselves if we work hard.

#10 - Alberta HealthcareLiving Healthy

Did you just get a dose of salmonella? Maybe you got stung by a wasp and are allergic to the venom? Perhaps you’re not sure where you got this cold from but need some professional medical care before the weekend arrives?

Whatever the scenario may be, Albertans can feel secure knowing that they can go to a walk-in clinic or emergency reception during appropriate hours and receive medical care for no charge by using their assigned health care number.

The wait times can be lengthy, but nonetheless - it’s free!

Do You Love Alberta?

As a born and raised Calgarian, I have been fortunate enough to live in Alberta for most of my life. Also see my 20 Reasons to Love Calgary, Alberta today.

Do you happen to share the love I have for this province? If so, I invite you to let us know why below and join us at Calgaryism on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter... hope to see you there!

I love Alberta

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