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10 Friendly Tips for Riding Calgary’s LRT / CTrain

10 Tips to Help Make Your Ctrain / LRT Experience a Good One…Calgary Public Transportation LRT Station Sunnyside

Calgary’s public Ctrain service is great for getting around the city in an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way.

While not all quadrants are serviced by the transit system, the Ctrain does connect to important bus stations that will get you to where you need to go.

Here are some friendly tips on using our Ctrain service that will make your experience using it that much better.

#1 – Where is that ticket terminal?Calgary LRT and Public Transit

Tickets for Ctrain at older stations are bought inside the terminal, so make sure you grab a ticket if you need it before walking down towards the outdoor platform!

I’ve missed the train several times because of this and I believe this issue is being addressed already by public transit with new ticket stations on the platform itself. But anyways, just a friendly reminder because I know it sucks to miss a train when time is precious!

#2 – Hold onto that transfer

Transfers from public buses can be used to ride the train as long as they don’t extend pass the time limit of an hour and a half (or 60 minutes). Keep your bus transfer!

#3 – Check public transit mapsI love Calgary

Unless you know where your going for sure, it’s important that you plan your route ahead of schedule especially if you have to connect via buses after riding the LRT. This way you won’t get lost and waste time!

#4 – Which train is it?

Always be aware of what train you are getting on to! Sometimes I have been in such a rush that I end up taking a northeast train instead of southwest, or west instead of northwest.

If you aren’t sure, inside you can usually see which train it is on a digital sign at the front and back of each passenger train. If not, it never hurts to ask someone else who may not have been in such a rush as you were!

#5 – Valid for bus transit!Teletext Calgary

If you don’t know already, your purchased ticket for the Ctrain is also valid for transit buses within the given time frame of an hour and a half (or 90 minutes) after the time of purchase.

#6 – Carry ons…

Sometimes the Ctrain can get very packed as more than 250,000 people use it every day for various reasons.

When it’s busy, make sure to take off any backpacks or other shoulder bags and carry ons that might take up space and prevent others from hitching a ride too.

#7 – Courtesy to passengers who need it…I love Calgary Alberta

Every LRT has been designed to help make travelling easier for passengers who may have special needs and / or disabilities.

If you see someone old, or perhaps someone in a wheelchair who needs to make use of the fold-up seat your sitting in, please move and let them use the space as intended! It’s not only for their benefit, but for the safety of all train passengers also.

#8 – Check your ticket time!

Bylaw officers are usually very strict when giving out tickets and patrol the LRT trains often.

If you are cutting it close on time from your last ticket, it’s probably best to just purchase a new one all together!

#9 – The “free zone”…Downtown CTrain LRT +15 Plus fifteen

The Ctrain service is free between 10th Street Station and City Hall Station in the downtown area.

If you are planning on travelling to a station outside of the free Zone, make sure to purchase a ticket!

#10 – Need help?

If you are in need of assistance, there are help buttons located around inside each LRT usually near the doors at the front and back.

These help buttons alarm the train driver and he / she will usually come to check on what is going on. Don’t be afraid to use these buttons appropriately – that’s what they are there for!

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