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10 Tips to Help Get Your Home Ready for Summer

  • June 10, 2017
  • By Cody Battershill

10 Simple Tips to Help Get Your Home Ready for the HeatCalgary Sunny City Alberta Canada infographic

Most of us who live in a place with a cold-winter climate are already looking forward to the summer when the deep freeze hits. You may be ready for the warmth long before hand, but is your home also?

Here are some friendly reminders that will help you get your home ready for summer both inside and out. Also see our 18 Tips to Winterizing Your Home today.

#1 - Change your air filterPrepare Your Home Winterizing Your Home Furnace Filter

Keep the circulating air in your home as “particle-free” as can be by changing the air filter, which is typically found in the filter compartment somewhere on the bottom section of your furnace.

Some people do this every month or two during spring and summer.

Air filters are found at your local home department store like RONA, Home Depot and Canadian Tire. Make sure to check your filter size before you go so no time is wasted!

#2 - Test your air-conditioning system

Have a built-in air conditioning system in your place? Now would be the time to test it!

Mobile and ceiling fans do a good job of circulating air, but don’t much at all in terms of actually cooling that air. But hey, they could be a temporary fix until your system is up and running!

#3 - Buy an air-conditionerHome air conditioning system get home ready for summer tips

Older homes and condominiums can sometimes get quite hot and stuffy during the summer months. Why not avoid the hot stuffiness all together and buy a quality air-conditioner!?

Having one of these things around can make or break your comfort whether that be during the day when your home for lunch or at night when you need a good night’s sleep – without waking up periodically all sweaty and gross!

#4 - Buy a fan or two

Fans can work wonders when placed by a door or near a screen. If you live in a condo without air-conditioning, a small fan on high placed at the bottom of your screen door may be enough to cool down your entire place.

#5 - Clean your screens

Door and window screens can build up dirt and other residue a lot quicker than expected during the spring and / or summer months.

To get full enjoyment out of that warm summer breeze, try cleaning them in a large sink or with a light spray from the garden hose on the deck. Air entering your home will feel much more fresh and clean as a result.

#6 - Put reflective film on windowsCouches Living Room Home

If you are really into keeping things cool around your place, try installing reflective films on windows and curtains with sunscreen-fabrics or black-out roller shades.

Buying new windows all together could also be an option as most come standard with some level of resistance to solar heat.

#7 - Protect your outdoor wood

From decks and furniture to fencing and decorations, wood adds charm and character to the exterior area of your home.

It also takes heaps of abuse from the hot sun and the rest of the elements, so it’s best to protect it by applying a fresh coat of high-end exterior wood finish from your local home department store.

This will protect from those deadly UV rays while keeping everything looking nice and dandy.

#8 - Double check your irrigation systemCalgary inner city home buyers guide to fencing and landscaping

If you have one, that is. Your lawn, flowers, plants and trees will be happier that you took the time to work out those kinks before the summer sun is out for two thirds of the day.

For more tips on work outdoors see our Calgary Home Sellers Tips – The Importance of Landscaping.

#9 - Be aware of insects

Bugs are the hardiest living organisms on Earth and are also sometimes the peskiest as they can squirm and wiggle their way into some of the toughest to reach places around - like our homes!

Be minded of insects like carpet beetles, for example, that can attach themselves to your clothes or backpacks outside and get a free ride inside only to create one heck of a pest problem.

Make sure to seal up any holes that insects could penetrate on the exterior of your home and possibly nest in, like hornets that sometimes have a habit of building colony’s under concrete stairs and in other openings of the sort.

Grab a few fly-swatters as well, because you never know when one of these critters will make their way into your place.

#10 - Prepare for the BBQ!I love Calgary

Most guys just can’t wait for the summer months and the backyard barbecues that go with.

In places like Calgary, for example, non-BBQ weather can turn into full-on BBQ weather in just an hours’ time, so be prepared with the propane, food, drinks, lighter and all the other essentials so you don’t miss the opportunity!

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