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11 Packing Tips to Help With the Move

11 Packing Tips to Help Make Life Easy on Moving Day

Moving to Calgary

Are you planning on moving anytime soon? Here are a few simple packing tips you might find useful on, or well before moving day!

1 – Pack an overnight bag

You’ll most likely be too tired on the other end of the move to unpack. Therefore, it’s best to grab any prescriptions, toiletries, important documents, and small electronics that could run the risk of being damaged or stolen during the move, such as a lab top with valuable information stored on its hard drive.

2 – Place what you will use first in a distinguishable container

Box cutters, plates, utensils, cups, scissors, towels, hand clothes, rags, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper could be some of the items you’ll need to use first, before anything else.

3 – Wrap fragile belongings in clothing

Bubble wrap is always a good material to wrap your breakables in, but why not just use clothing instead and kill two birds with one stone? Your clothing and fragile belongings both need to go anyway.

4 – Label your boxes and containers

Relocating to Calgary Labelled Box

Labeling what’s in each box and what room it’s supposed to go to will make unpacking as convenient as it gets. If you can, label the boxes sides, as they are usually stacked on top of one another which prevents you from seeing labels on the top.

5 – Don’t leave spaces in your boxes or containers

It’s best to pack things as tightly as possible so that the movement of your belongings is kept to a minimum. You never know what is going to give when movement and pressure from other boxes and / or objects combines.

6 – Use smaller boxes for heavy items

Large boxes can spell disaster when you place several heavy objects inside. If you must, consider reinforcing the seams of the large box with duct tape, or even stretch wrap.

7 – Pack fluids in saran wrap or sealable containers

No one wants to discover that their shaving gel or toothpaste has exploded during the move – the mess is hard to clean and an unnecessary nuisance.

8 – Convert suitcases, laundry bins and other storage purposed belongings into a movable container

Moving to Calgary with Children

The less boxes, the better, right?

9 – Use Glad Press’n Seal for drawer contents

There’s no need to pack your drawer contents in a box when you could simply use Glad’s Press’n Seal to cover your clothes inside.

10 – Photograph you’re wire connections to electronics

Making the proper connections to and from electronics on the other end of the move can be harder than you think. Save yourself the hassle and take a photo with your smartphone or digital camera for future reference.

11 – Buy a roll of stretch wrap from your local department store

Stretch wrap is God’s gift to delicate belongings such as a soft wooden table that can be easily scratched or damaged during a move. Using stretch wrap to cover an objects edges with Styrofoam, bubble wrap, or even clothing, will help keep it in tip-top shape.

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