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Calgary Home Selling Tips: 15 Ways to Increase Your Value

  • April 15, 2012
  • By Cody Battershill

15 Ways to Maintain and Increase Your Calgary Homes Market Value Over the Years15 Ways to Increase Your Home Value

One reason why owning a home instead of renting is better over the long haul is because you are building your assets.

Most of us take pride in knowing we own something and no one can take it away from us or force us to move, not to mention owning a home facilitates all of our basic needs.

No one wants to pay as much rent as they could a mortgage and not gain any equity in the process.

Historical long term real estate trends in the Calgary real estate market have always been trending upwards, however, you can still take matters into your own hands and increase your homes value further through renovations.

It’s important to remember that some of these might not always increase your home selling price, but will instead maintain your competitiveness on the real estate market if you choose to sell in the future.

Use these 15 tips below to increase your homes value but before you start a project, give me a call so I can help you decide on what will be the best investment in your homes resale value and quality of living.

1. Upgrade appliances in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s size, design and finishing’s can be the difference between selling your home or not.

Consider replacing appliances that are old with newer, stainless steel models with more features to uphold a modern trend and appeal to potential home buyers.

Look for the Energy-Star sticker to save some cash on the energy bill too!

Countertops Home Kitchen2. Replace those old counter-tops

Counter-tops in your bathroom, kitchen, utility area or anywhere else should have as much investment put into them as possible.

A high end granite counter-top is much better off than a laminate, considered to be lower value and quality.

One suggestion is to ask your contractor about counter-tops made from a combination of composite granite and resin that will give you a granite look for only a share of the cost of a full granite top.

Quartz, Corian and other stone counter tops can also offer good value.

3. Cabinetry in your kitchen is huge

It’s true; the kitchen is one of, if not the most important area in your house. A home with quality cabinets that match the design and color template of appliances and counter-tops will no doubt increase your home value.

Another idea is to build custom cabinets in your pantry that look like they were originally included with the home.

Other ideas would be to add a wine rack and other small customized wood-works inside the cabinetry to make your kitchen unique.

Buyers love intelligent design so adding some smart storage solutions into a pantry, cabinets or otherwise is a nice extra feature which adds to your quality of living and enjoyment while also providing a payback when you go to sell.

4. Replace those old plumbing fixtures

If your plumbing fixtures are old and / or worn, consider replacing them with matching sets of higher end material such as stainless steel.

For kitchens, look for sets with a goose neck faucet and durable sink sprayer. In bathrooms the idea is the same; look for sets with sink, shower and bathtub pieces that match the rest of your homes look.

Rain shower heads are popular as well as full tile to the ceiling in the showers/bathtub enclosures.

5. Upgrade the garage

Take care of your garage and keep it tidy for show! A fully functional garage with organized storage compartments is key.

Consider building a wooden loft above car height and wall shelves for added storage.

Installing a gas heater to keep those vehicles warm in colder seasons is a luxury that is extremely appealing for any potential buyer.

Home Bathroom Jacuzzi Shower Modern6. Master bedrooms need spa-like traits

Another huge determining factor in if your home sells or not. Master bedrooms need to be of good size with spa-like features such as a Jacuzzi or air jet tub, over-sized shower and dual sinks for couples.

Whatever you can afford to renovate in these areas will go a long way in increasing your home value.

Try redoing the shower with tile or knocking down a wall to increase the square footage as well.

7. Master bedrooms should be a retreat

Comfort in your sleeping space is a must. Installing different lighting options with dimmers and contemporary wall sconces will create a desirable ambiance that will appeal to home buyers and increase its market value.

You can also paint, change the flooring, add closet space or organization or even upgrade the window coverings.

8. Add a home sound system

A state of the art sound system in the master bedroom and common areas will give you a one up on the competition.

Consider installing speakers outside on the balcony for warmer seasons too. It’s great to be able to put on a soundtrack that plays throughout the whole house for a number of reasons.

Consider turning your living room into a media playground with all the electrical outlets and lighting required to make that stay at home movie experience enjoyable.

People notice the little things, especially the technologically savvy home buyers of today.

9. Consider installing Eco-friendly features

Eco-friendly homes are very appealing to home buyers. All we hear about nowadays is how our environment is diminishing slowly but surely to the pollution caused by humans.

People are happy to go green and do their part to reduce the negative effect we have on the planet.

Water saving toilets, low pressure shower heads, solar panels are a few ways to save the planet AND some money at the same time and will increase overall home value.

Couches Living Room Home

10. Upgrade Your Flooring

Replacing the floor in your home can add lots of value. In this scenario, you get what you pay for.

There are nice versions of synthetic flooring or laminate as well as many options for hardwood. You can also go for natural stone, tile or wood to add the most value possible and even consider heated flooring if you can afford it.

Consider using natural stone for a wall in your home too, such as the stairway leading upstairs as unique home characteristics like this typically add value to the selling price.

11. Develop your homes curb appeal

First impressions can make or break a deal. A lawn and garden that is kept trimmed with neat landscaping features are desirable.

A beautiful yard with high fencing and tended plants can add thousands of dollars of value to your property. Planting trees around the house can actually reduce air conditioning costs in the summer due to shading, act as windbreakers and increase privacy too.

People see a connection between how the outside of the home is kept to how the inside would be.

12. Irrigation system

Any way that convenience can be added to your home is influential when selling.

A fully operating irrigation system will add value to your home and it is recommended to consult an irrigation professional on how to operate the system properly and when to perform maintenance.

If you live in a winter climate, make sure you drain the pipes when below freezing!

13. Quality of roof

Roofing is the lifeline of your residence. An older roof of 15 years or more should be inspected for deterioration. An older house with renovated roofing is a huge bonus.

Consider replacing older wood shingles with a modern material such as asphalt, clay or concrete tiles. They are low maintenance and are considered more reliable than their predecessors.

Winterize your home tips for home owners14. Windows, windows, windows

During daytime, windows provide sunlight to light the interior of the home. Having ample amounts of light entering the home can brighten up living areas and make them more appealing.

Also, having windows that have higher resistance to temperature transfer through them is environmentally friendly and will save money on heating / cooling costs.

If an area of your home doesn’t have enough natural light during the day-time, consider installing a double-paned window.

Upgraded window quality and new window installation will add to your home value.

15. More storage is good

It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over time. If people can see that all of their things will fit, it’s a safe guess that your home value will increase.

Upgrading the amount of storage space available is the most cost-efficient method to increasing home value and is often over-looked.

Think about having your storage spaces neat and tidy so people can actually see how much space there is.

Invest in your home now to increase your enjoyment and reap the benefits later when selling. By making some of the modifications suggested, you will add value to your own living experience before passing it on to the next owners if the time comes. It’s a win-win situation.

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