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17th Avenue Calgary – Eat, Drink, Shop, Live and Be Merry on 17th

  • May 16, 2013
  • By Cody Battershill

Eat, Drink, Shop, Live and Be Merry on 17th Avenue Calgary

17th avenue Calgary district logo

17th Avenue Calgary is one of the most popular places to eat, drink, shop, live and be merry all in one place!

From one end to the other, 17th Avenue SW is jam packed with some of the best in Calgary including shopping, restaurants, entertainment and nightlife that have made it one of the most visited and lively urban streets in Calgary.

The "Red Mile" Still Lives

Maceod Trail Bridge 17th Avenue Calgary LRT StationA majority of these hot spots are found between 14th Street SW and Macleod Trail Northbound.

From east to west this distance is approximately 2.2 kilometres of pure walk-ability and is easily reached by getting off the LRT train at Victoria Park Stampede Station, also seen right.

As a matter of fact, this area was the perfect stomping grounds for the Calgary Flames back in 2004 when they made their run to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Roads were shut down as tens of thousands of people rallied on 17th Avenue SW to celebrate the success of the Calgary Flames. Its countless restaurants, street bars and patios found well within walking distance to the Saddledome made it the perfect host for such a large gathering of people.

Years later, the fun and energetic atmosphere of the “Red Mile” in 2004 can still be felt on 17th Avenue SW. There’s no better place to go to get a feel of what Calgary’s modern culture is all about than 17th Avenue SW. What is the Red Mile?

So what are you waiting for? Eat, drink, shop, live and be merry on 17th Avenue!

Eat on 17th Avenue Calgary

Best Calgary Tapas Borgo TrattoriaFeeling like eating out at a restaurant? 17th Avenue Calgary has approximately 70 restaurants and bars waiting for you. Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, French, Japanese, contemporary, tapas, you name it, 17th Avenue has it!

So where should you go and eat? While there are many outstanding restaurants on 17th Avenue Calgary, here are some of my own personal favourites.

Buon Giorno CannelloniBuon Giorno

Buon Giorno has some of the best Calgary pasta and authentic Italian cuisine in town.

Not only is the food good, but the atmosphere is very pleasing too, it’s almost as if you have stepped into a small restaurant in Italy somewhere. I am willing to bet that even the servers are full-fledged Italians!

Find out more at Buon Giorno Calgary Restaurant Review today!

Cibo Calgary RestaurantCibo

Cibo is another delicious Italian restaurant specializing in gourmet pizza, tapas, and pastas. They also have an all-inclusive wine list covering all the “wine” bases so to speak.

Cibo’s humongous two-story, industrial finished interior makes for an interesting, yet comfy dining experience, while its large patio section covered in heat lamps is one of the best patios in Calgary and is even more pleasing to sit in than inside as long as the weather is right!

Learn more at our Cibo Calgary Restaurant Review today!

Cilantro Patio Best Calgary RestaurantCilantro

Experience a tasty mix of Californian and contemporary cuisine at Cilantro on 17th Avenue Calgary.

I highly recommend visiting their cozy patio section if you can. It is hidden from the main avenue and has quite the romantic atmosphere to it.

Lush green plants in the day time and small decorative lights at night bring the terrace to life!

Read more at our Cilantro Calgary Restaurant Review today!

FARM Calgary RestaurantFarm

I never thought I would taste a turkey cranberry sandwich better than my grandmothers. Then I visited Farm last year in December and that whole belief changed in an instant.

Farm on 17th Avenue Calgary uses locally sourced ingredients to bring their delicious soups, sandwiches, salads, meats and more to life.

Find out more at our FARM Calgary Restaurant Review today!

Golden Bell Saigon Calgary Pho Resaurant - Beef Noodle SoupGolden Bell Saigon

Golden Bell Saigon has some of the best Calgary pho on 17th Avenue SW that keeps you coming back for more. Vietnamese cuisine is always an affordable and healthy alternative to dining at a traditional restaurant where food typically costs more.

If you like pho, you have to try Golden Bell’s peanut pho sate soup. Another must-try dish is the yellow curry chicken, vegetables and rice.

Learn more at our Golden Bell Saigon 17th Avenue Calgary Restaurant Review today!

Kim Anh Vietnamese 17th Avenue Calgary AlbertaKim Anh Vietnamese Subs

Have you found yourself strolling down 17th Avenue Calgary after a long night and then all of a sudden realize just how hungry you really are!? Not to worry, Kim Anh Vietnamese Subs has you covered!

Kim Anh submarines are a great alternative to the usual Thai Thai. Pair up your sub with one of many bubble tea flavours to make it a combo-to-go!

Located directly across Western Canadian High and Thai Tai, Kim Anh serves up some of the best Calgary late night food found on 17th Avenue SW.

Los Chilitos 17th Avenue CalgaryLos Chilitos

I go loco for Los Chilitos. Then and again, saying I am crazy for this restaurant is probably an understatement. Los Chilitos is by far the best authentic Mexican restaurant in town. It’s so good, I visit this place at least once a week.

Los Chilitos patio is a great place to kick back and enjoy some of the best soft tacos in town while sipping on an ice cold Corona!

Find out more at our Los Chilitos Calgary Restaurant Review today!

Drink on 17th Avenue Calgary

Drink 17th Avenue SW CalgaryLooking for a place to go and drink in the inner city? 17th Avenue Calgary is home to some of the best, most lively street bars and patios all in very close quarters to major activity hot spots such as the Stampede Grounds, Saddledome and Elbow River Casino.

17th Avenue’s walk ability makes it not only one of the best places to grab a drink in Calgary, but also makes it one of the safest.

People who are drinking have the option of walking to their next destination. It simply becomes a matter of taking a short stroll down 17th Avenue SW to reach the Saddledome perhaps to watch a Calgary Flames game, or maybe to the next street bar or nightclub to meet some friends.

Let’s not forget that this lively avenue is jam-packed with the people of Calgary and is a great place to meet new friends and have some fun while you’re at it. Here are some of my favourite places for drinks on 17th Avenue Calgary.

National Restaurant 17th Avenue CalgaryNational

I have spent up to a good 15 minutes deciding on which beer I want at National. They have beers from all over the world, names and places I’ve never heard before.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that a trip to National Beer Hall is exciting since you never know what delicious, “out of this country” beer you’ll discover next.

Read more at our National Beer Hall Calgary Restaurant Review today!

17th Avenue Calgary Ship and Anchor PubShip & Anchor

Next to National is the Ship & Anchor. This place is more of a traditional beer hall and pub in comparison to its next door neighbour.

The Ship & Anchor is shoulder to shoulder on the weekends by people of all ages looking for some good, old-fashioned pub fun.Daily games and live music events on weekends make it one of the most visited pubs on 17th Avenue SW.

If you like the pub scene, the Ship & Anchor is one of your best bets on 17th Avenue Calgary!

Una Italian Pizza and Wine Restaurant CalgaryUna Pizza & Wine

This is by far one of the most convenient restaurants on 17th Avenue Calgary.

Open from 11am to 1am, 7 days a week, Una Pizza & Wine has great hours, remarkable food and exceptional service. It is also one of our best Calgary gluten free restaurants!

If you haven’t been to Una just yet, you probably have guessed the restaurant specializes in gourmet pizza and has a massive wine selection. Una also serves some delicious tapas and is a great place for social gatherings for any size of party.

Find our more at our Una Calgary Restaurant Review today!

Elbow River Casino 17th Avenue SW CalgaryElbow River Casino

Are you feeling lucky? Head over to the Elbow River Casino for all your entertainment needs. Whether you are in the mood to gamble, sit back and enjoy a show, or maybe for some good food and drink, the Elbow River Casino has it all.

If you like to laugh the night away over a few drinks, you won’t want to miss the stand up comedy at YukYuks Comedy Club venue in the Casino, this is one of the best comedy clubs in Calgary!

Elbow River Casino is located between Macleod Trail South and Macleod Trail North, only a few minutes from the Stampede Grounds and Saddledome.

Melrose Restaurant 17th Avenue SW CalgaryMelrose Café & Bar

Patios on 17th Avenue in Calgary don’t get any bigger than the one at Melrose Café & Bar. Not only is their patio one of the best, so is their indoor atmosphere.

It’s a venue of choice for many who follow sports religiously as Melrose Café & Bar always broadcasts major sporting events everywhere from boxing to NHL hockey.

Melrose Cafe also cooks a sensational breakfast /  buffet and have a wide range of daily specials for those looking to save a buck or two! They even have one of the best Calgary Mother's Day Brunches around!

Best Calgary NightlifeRepublik

What used to be known as Tequila Nightclub has continued its success under its new alias.

Republik Nightclub showcases local talent from a wide range of genres including electronic, indie, rock and more. It is also host for some big name musicians and DJ’s from around the world

Keep your eyes open for news and events from Republik Nightclub at ...

Rose & Crown Calgary Pub 15th Avenue SWRose & Crown Pub

Meander off the beaten path of 17th Avenue Calgary to find the Rose & Crown Pub on the corner of 15th Avenue and 4th Street SW.

This traditional pub has some of the best live music in Calgary with performances every weekend, while its classical, multi-room interior makes for a great place for food, drinks and whatever else the mind can come up with!

Shop on 17th Avenue Calgary17th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta

Looking for some of the best shopping in town? 17th Avenue  Calgary is home to a wide range of retail shops including larger names like Best Buy as well as countless boutique shops that offer customers a highly customized shopping experience. Some of them include…

  • Apex Performance
  • Best Buy
  • Calgary Jewelry
  • Le Chateau Outlet
  • My Motorcycle Shop
  • Ozeki Clothing
  • Primitive Clothing
  • RA Clothing
  • Techno Sport
  • The Rocket Custom T-Shirts
  • Sloth Records
  • And many more…!

Apart from retail shops, 17th Avenue Calgary is also home to a wide array of amenities and services. These places provide the essentials for nearby residents living in the beltline area of Calgary. Some of them include…Park Green Space 17th Avenue Calgary Alberta

  • Assembly of God Church
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Canada Post
  • Gloss Salon & Spa
  • H&R Block
  • Macs
  • Money Mart
  • Royal Cleaners
  • Rustic Sourdough Bakery & Deli
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • And many more…!

Countless retail shops, amenities and services found on 17th Avenue Calgary have made it one of the most popular urban avenues in our city. 17th is an arterial street not only for those people living close by, but for everyone from all over Calgary.

Live on 17th Avenue Calgary

Sasso Vetro Alura Nuera Condos CalgaryAre you looking to live close to 17th Avenue Calgary? For some of us, it might be hard not to feel enticed to move close to 17th Avenue SW after hearing above about only a fraction of what it has to offer.

The reality is that Calgary’s continued population gqrowth has given way to more and more people looking to live in the downtown and inner city areas.

A number of development companies have taken the initiative to meet the demands for more living spaces in these regions by building new condos and apartments.

Places like 17th Avenue in Calgary which have the infrastructure and amenities to increase the appeal of these new projects to buyers are ideal locations to build in.

Here are some of the existing and new condo projects currently underway well within walking distance to 17th Avenue SW.

Alura Victoria Park New Condos CalgaryAlura

  • Developed by Cove Properties
  • Located at 14th Avenue and 1st Street SE
  • 29 floors
  • 281 units from 652 to 1019 square feet
  • Construction completion early 2014
  • Currently selling

Learn more at Alura New Calgary Condos.

Calla New Condos Qualex LandmarkCalla

  • Developed by Qualex Landmark
  • Located at 14th Avenue and 6th Street SW
  • 12 floors
  • 168 units from 549 to 1055 square feet
  • Construction completion end of 2013
  • Currently sold out

Learn more at Calla New Calgary Condos.

Drake New Condo on 17th Avenue SW in CalgaryDrake

  • Developed by Grosvenor
  • Located at 15th Avenue and 7th Street SW
  • 17 floors
  • 135 units from 398 to 1518 square feet
  • Construction completion second half of 2013
  • Currently selling townhouses and condos

Learn more at Drake Inner City Townhouses.

Drake New Condos in Calgary Demolition EventDrake 2

  • Planning stages by Grosvenor
  • To be built on 15th Avenue and 6th Street SW
  • 18 floors
  • Will build upon the successes of Drake + more

Find out more at Drake 2 New Calgary Condos Announced.

Montana Calgary Condo BuildingMontana

  • Developed by ProCura
  • Located at 817 15th Avenue SW
  • 27 floors
  • 189 units up to 2500 square feet
  • Completed in 2009
  • Currently selling

Browse all Montana Calgary Condo Listings.

TEN Best New Condo Value in CalgaryTEN

  • Developed by Maple Projects
  • Located at 1720 10th Street SW
  • 4 floors
  • 47 units from 555 to 1047 square feet
  • Construction completion fall / winter 2014
  • Currently selling

Learn more at TEN New Calgary Condos.

New Condos in Calgary the BlockThe Block

  • Developed by Homes by Avi Urban
  • Located at 17th Avenue and 9A Street SW
  • 4 floors
  • 61 units from 634 to 1496 square feet, sold out
  • Construction underway
  • Currently sold out

Read more at The Block New Calgary Condos.

VetroVetro Condos in Victoria Park Calgary

  • Developed by Cove Properties
  • Located at 210 15th Avenue SE
  • 34 floors
  • 302 units from around 650 to 2250 square feet
  • Completed in 2008
  • Resale condos

Learn more at Vetro Calgary Condo Building Review.

As you can see there are several new Calgary condos underway close to 17th Avenue SW that have joined the ranks with countless other existing condos and apartments in the area.

Living close to 17th Avenue also means living close to many outdoor parks and recreational areas, such as those found along the Elbow River and by the Talisman Centre, as well as in surrounding communities.

It shouldn’t be a surprise as to why places near 17th Avenue Calgary are some of the best areas of Calgary to live in!

Be Merry on 17th Avenue Calgary

I love YYC17th Avenue SW truly has it all. I say it's one of the best places in Calgary to eat, drink, live and be merry, all at the same time.

It is a place to have fun, a place where each and every penny I spend is money well spent. As a Calgary realtor and supporter through my Facebook Calgaryism page, I am excited to see what the future holds for this vibrant and culturally rich area that has become a staple of Calgary’s modern culture. Are you?

We would love to hear what you have to say about 17th Avenue Calgary! Please leave us a comment below and share with us some of your experiences. Thanks, and hope to have you back soon!

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