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3 Reasons to Buy a Home in Crescent Heights, Calgary

Why Consider Buying Crescent Heights Real Estate?

Downtown Calgary Skyline

Chances are that if you’re eyeing real estate in Crescent Heights as of now, then there’s already a few reasons as to why you’re considering buying a property in this desirable inner city community.

But just in case you missed it, here’s our top three reasons why buying a home or condo in the area would be ideal, starting with access to what is arguably the city’s most enjoyable recreation and leisure resource – the river pathways.

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#1 – Bow River AccessBest Calgary summer activities - downtown Calgary pathways

One of the absolute best things about living in Crescent Heights is the fact that you have easy access to the Bow River and its network of pathways.

Spanning several kilometres in both east and west directions, eventually spanning out to the north and south parts of the city, these pathways make it easy to get to destinations found along the way such as:

Riding your bike to work, going for a work out or perhaps walking to that favourite ice cream shop in East Village all your friends have been ranting and raving about is easy to do when living in Crescent Heights!

#2 – Kensington BRZ AccessKensington road Calgary inner city

It’s no secret that Kensington is one of the most vibrant districts in Calgary. Home to more than a hundred different restaurants, shops and services, this area is jam packed with some of the best that the city has to offer, not to mention a lively nightlife scene that some would say is on par with the Beltline.

With the Kensington BRZ located directly south and west of Crescent Heights, getting to and from your favourite pub, the hair cutter or even your chiropractor is just a matter of walking a few blocks from your front door. There’s even the Sunnyside C-Train Station located beside the Safeway that will get you to and from point A and B around the city.

If you’re in for a walkable inner city lifestyle, renting or buying a home / condo in Crescent Heights may just simply be good for your soul.

#3 – Inner City Lifestylecalgary best tourist attractions - Crescent Heights Hill

The inner city lifestyle has many benefits, especially when it comes to convenience of access to amenities / recreation / leisure and everything else communities like Crescent Heights have to offer.

As an example, the Crescent Heights Hill has paved pathways that run along the southern end of the community and down into Sunnyside, then across to a few different bridge’s that provide access to Prince’s Island Park, Eau Claire and the downtown business core.

There’s also North Hill Mall, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology / Alberta College of Art & Design, SAIT C-Train Station, Riley Park, McHugh Bluff, Sunnyside Bank Park and more places nearby that are easily accessible either by foot, vehicle or nearby public transportation when living in Crescent Heights.

When it comes to activities, events and other entertainment in the city, as a Crescent Heights resident you’ll also have access to some of the best there is. Most lounges, top-notch restaurants, nightclubs and other venues of the sort are in downtown, the beltline and business improvement areas / business revitalization zones like Kensington, all well within walking distance and even closer when driving.

These are just some of the benefits of living in an inner city neighbourhood like Crescent Heights. For a more complete understanding, see these 10 Benefits of the Inner City Lifestyle in Calgary today!

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