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Best Calgary Beer Halls

  • January 23, 2014
  • By Cody Battershill

Best Calgary Beer Halls: Eat, Drink, and Have Fun!Drink 17th Avenue SW Calgary

It’s getting harder to tell the difference between Calgary pubs, clubs, and restaurants as the years go on. While such establishments have been quite successful with their multifaceted operations that offer everything from regular pub nights to special party events, there is one type that has emerged as one of the most popular of them all – the Calgary beer halls, of course.

A number of these special beer halls have emerged over the past few years and have quickly become some of the most visited entertainment venues in Calgary. Here are the top five Calgary beer halls you should check out sometime soon if you haven’t already!

CRAFT Beer MarketCRAFT Best Calgary Gluten Free Restaurants

  • Address – 345 10th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-514-2337
  • Open seven days a week, M-W – 11am till 1am, T-S – 11am till 2am
  • Friday / Saturday’s cater to age 21 and over only

Craft Beer Market is another classy establishment with locations in three different western Canadian cities: Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. Its success as one of the best Calgary beer halls can be contributed to its awesome food and crazy selection of beer (over 100 of them on tap), as well as a unique, sophisticated industrial look inside that is classy to the core. Craft also offers an extensive list of wines and spirits for those who many fancy those over beer.

Whether it is the main hall, on the mezzanine, or upstairs on the roof-top patio, the flexibility of space inside of Craft makes it a great place for socializing over food and drinks for groups of all sizes. It is also one of the Best Calgary Gluten Free Restaurants there is!

My favourites – Brewmaster’s chicken sandwich (avocado, bacon, aged cheddar, tomato, red onion, lettuce, ciabatta bun), paired with an Innis & Gunn Original strong ale… my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

1410 World Bier Haus

  • Address – 1410 17th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 402-229 1410
  • Open seven days a week, M-F – 11am till 2am, S-S, 10am – 2am

1410 World Bier Haus is a favourite beer hall in Calgary’s beltline known for its friendly atmosphere, great food, and world-class selection of beer. Even the pickiest of eaters can find their knack for food on 1410’s menu as a variety of foods from tapas and burgers to pizza and Panini’s are offered.

What’s awesome about 1410 that draws many in the spring and summer months is the rooftop patio that is quite the unique setting for any social event. It is also just as easily reached by anyone making their way along 17th Avenue SW westward towards the end of the Red Mile on 14th Street SW.

My favourites – Quinoa salad (arugula, spinach, red peppers, sundried cranberries, spiced pecans, lemon chive vinaigrette), paired with a random dark ale which I ask my servers recommendation for before ordering – always a safe bet you’ll get something with a new taste that will keep you coming back for more!

National Beer Hall (17th Ave) National Restaurant 17th Avenue Calgary

  • Address – 550 17th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-229-0226
  • Open seven days a week from 11 am till late
  • Kitchen open from 11am to 11pm

National Beer Hall has become a cornerstone of social life in the beltline communities. Many locals flock to National every day of the week and you can’t blame them as it is where over 100 special alcoholic drinks from around the world and a full on menu featuring a variety of tapas and delicious traditional pub food await.

In warmer months, National is home to one of the Best Calgary Patios directly on the corner of 17th Avenue and 4th Street SW and extends around the entire front of the beer hall. It’s a great place to kick back, relax, and enjoy the sun over some food and drinks with your pals.

My favourites – Stuffed jalapenos paired with BSG gluten free pale ale – this combo will not only spice up your taste buds, but it will also keep those gluten-sensitive socialites out for the whole night without fret.

National Beer Hall (10th Ave)

  • Address – 341 10th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-770-2323
  • Open seven days a week from 11 am till late
  • Kitchen open from 11am to 11pm

National’s success at its 17th Avenue SW just had to be shared with the other side of the beltline; therefore, another National was opened along 10th Avenue SW and some would say it is a bit more interesting than the original. There is also another location opening soon at Westhills / Signal Hill Shopping Centres in the southwest.

While National on 10th Ave still offers the same great food and drinks that the original location does, what sets it apart is the fact that it has its very own bowling allies as well as a unique bourbon room with semi-private access featuring different menu items and over 40 kinds of whiskey!

Now the hard part is choosing whether to go to National or Craft – they both sit right beside one another. But then and again, why not go to both!?

WURST Restaurant & Beer HallWURST Restaurant Beer Hall Calgary

  • Address – 2437 4th Street SW
  • Phone Number – 403-245-2345
  • Open seven days a week, M-T - 11am till 1am, S-S - 10am till 1am

WURST Restaurant & Beer Hall has always been the go-to place in Mission when it comes to food and drinks that are completely out of the ordinary, in a good way of course as WURST’s delicious German cuisine and extensive list of the world`s best beers, spirits, and wines is hard to pass up for any beer lovin` foodie.

And for large parties, drinking out of WURST`s massive glass boot (draft for only $40) will surely have everyone howling by the end of the night. It`s almost comical seeing your friends attempting to pour a drink out of this massive boot - but then and again, it usually ends up being a team effort anyway.

As you may know, in June 2013 WURST and many other businesses in Mission were hit hard by the floods and were forced to shut-down. Just recently has WURST reopened its doors to the public – time to celebrate by grabbing a few at WURST I`d say as it is definitely one of the best beer halls in Calgary! Check it out!

My favourites – Brat on a bun (bratwurst, thuringer OR knackwurst, sauerkraut, pretzel bun, mustard) and any one of their fine import drafts. You can never beat the original bratwurst sausage on a freshly baked bun with all the goodies!

Best Beer Halls in Town…Best in Calgary Graphic

What are your favourite beer halls and pubs in Calgary? We would love to know, drop us a line below and we will add all the pubs to our up and coming top list for the best Calgary pubs!

Until then, be sure to check out more of the Best in Calgary here, and join us at Calgaryism on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more of the best in the “Heart of the New West” today! We hope to see you there!

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