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Best Calgary Movie Theatres

  • September 23, 2013
  • By Cody Battershill

Best Calgary Movie Theatres

Inside Scotiabank Chinook Cinemas Calgary

We all love our movies, don’t we? I am willing to bet if you ask someone you know in Calgary what their top 3 favourite movies are of all time, they will give you an answer without hesitation.

Try asking them which are the best Calgary movie theatres and it’s likely they will also answer you immediately.

After all, the cinema can make or break any movie theatre experience and those of us who love heading to the theatres take notice of even the slightest differences.

So the next time its movie night with your family, friends or anyone else for that matter, be sure to check out one of these awesome movie theatres for the best cinema experience!

Scotiabank Chinook Theatres Movie ListingsScotiabank Chinook

Located on the south side of Calgary’s best shopping mall, Scotiabank Chinook is the perfect place to start or finish off some shopping with a Hollywood flick.

Scotiabank Chinook has four different show types to choose from; regular closed caption, 3D, UltraAVX and IMAX. Each also has its own price range, although paying a few extra bucks for an AV/X or IMAX experience is more than worth it.

Comfortable reclining seats, ample concession staff, electronic ticket stations and a central southwest location make Scotiabank Chinook one of the best and most visited movie theatres there is.

  • Address – 6455 Macleod Trail SW
  • Phone Number – 403-212-8994

Sunridge Spectrum Cinemas

Do you live in the northeast and don’t feel like driving far for movie night? Sunridge Spectrum Cinemas has you covered!

At this theatre there’s regular closed caption, 3D and UltraAVX shows (Cineplex’s version of IMAX), not to mention Sunridge Mall is just across the parking lot which makes this theatre a great shop + movie combo any day of the week.

Let’s not forget about the fabulous restaurants located in and around the area. Grab a bite to eat then head to the movies with ease!

Comfortable reclining seats, ample amenities and a ticket price variety makes puts this cinema on our list of best Calgary movie theatres.

  • Address - #400 – 2555 32nd Street NE
  • Phone Number – 403-717-1200

Westhills Cinemas Cineplex OdeonWesthills Cinemas

The Cineplex Odeon at Westhills Shopping Centre is a great alternative to Chinook. Its location makes it the go to theatre for many deep southwest residents, as well as for those who live only a few minutes outside the southwest city limits.

Westhills Cinemas has two theatre types; standard closed caption and 3D. It might not be the ultra-fancy IMAX or UltraAV - but hey, sometimes those screens can make you dizzy and uncomfortable depending on where you are sitting.

Good screen sizes, comfortable reclining seats and affordable prices are three features you can expect from Westhills Cinemas. Check it out!

  • Address – 165 Stewart Green SW
  • Phone Number – 403-246-5291

Empire Studios 16

Empire Studious 16 is another one of the best Calgary movie theatres located in the central north area of town.

Empire Studios 16 is very similar to the Cineplex Odeon’s above in terms of quality and comfort. It even has an IMAX Theatre, one of the only two in town (the other is at Scotiabank Chinook).

This theatre was a long-standing favourite of mine when I lived in the northwest. Back then it didn’t have an IMAX Theatre though, too bad!

  • Address – 388 Country Hills Boulevard
  • Phone Number – 403-686-8491

SilverCity CrossIron Mills Cinemas

Best Calgary shopping malls Cross Iron Mills Balzac

I think many people in Calgary still have yet to discover CrossIron Mills and all that it has to offer. If you haven’t been out to this recently build outlet mall, then you should definitely go and check it out.

Apart from over 100 outlets shops and one of the best mall food courts in the Calgary Metropolitan Area, CrossIron Mills is also home to one of the best Calgary movie theatres!

Regular closed caption, 3D and UltraAVX are all offered at SilverCity CrossIron Mills Cinemas. For the arcade gamers out there; check out the XSCAPE Entertainment Centre, it’s filled with the latest and greatest arcade video games.

This theatre is another great place to do a one + two shop and movie combo. Heck, even add in a scrumptious meal at the awesome food court (Sbarro’s and Jimmy Greek are my favs) and make it three!

  • Address – 261055 CrossIron Boulevard, Rocky View
  • Phone Number – 403-274-3261

Seton Boulevard Cineplex VIP Theatre

Cineplex Entertainment is building a new VIP Theatre on Seton Boulevard and Deerfoot Trail in the deep southeast of Calgary.

This highly anticipated cinema will be the first of its kind in our city and will likely attract much attention from avid movie goers with its VIP / adult only theatres, appetizer menus and alcohol service.

Keep your eyes open for this one. See more at New Southeast Calgary Cineplex VIP Theatres today!

Best In CalgaryThe Best Theatres…

What are some of your favourite movie theatres? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

Do you want to get involved in the Calgary community? Check us out at Calgaryism on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter today. Until next time, here’s some more of the Best in Calgary. Enjoy!