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Best Calgary Tourist Attractions

Best Tourist Spots, Sightseeing Locations & More in Calgary…Calgary Downtown Skyline Sundown

Are you planning on visiting Calgary sometime in the near future? If so, it’s possible that you’ll want to know about the best local tourist attractions and what kind of activities / events they have to offer.

Having said that, you won’t want to miss our list of best Calgary tourist attractions handpicked by your source for everything to do with YYC – Calgaryism!

From your typical sightseeing locations to more relaxed, local hot spots of activity, these best tourist attractions have a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

Here are our latest articles highlighting the best local activities, events, restaurants and everything else to do with YYC that should be on the scratch list for anyone travelling to the city from abroad!

#1 – Calgary Tower

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  • Website – www.calgarytower.comBest Calgary Tourist Attractions Calgary Tower Downtown

At 191 metres high, the Calgary Tower provides expansive panoramic views of the downtown and city in all directions from both its viewing platform and restaurant called Sky 360.

The restaurant sits on a rotating platform at the top of the tower just below the viewing area and takes about 45 minutes to rotate completely. It is really a fantastic way for tourists to be able to see a full 360 degree view of the city from a downtown birds eye view while indulging in some delicious food from a restaurant that puts emphasis on using locally-sourced ingredients.

You’ll also find useful tidbits of information on the tower’s history, as well as on other various local tourist attractions and points of interest for visitors to the city at the bottom and top of the building.

Find out more at Best Calgary Tourist Attractions – Calgary Tower today.

#2 – Canada Sports Hall of Fame

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Website – www.sportshall.caCanada Sports Hall of Fame Canada Olympic Park Tourist Attractions

Did you know that Canada Olympic Park is home to Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame?

Sports are an important part of Canada’s history as many such as hockey, lacrosse, curling and even dog-sledding all left their own special mark on our nation’s past. This is the perfect place to get in touch with that side of Canada’s history – in a very unique and interactive way.

This best Calgary tourist attraction is home to over 40,000 square feet of award winning facilities, including:

  • HERO STATION: Explore over 500 sports heroes and their stories at the interactive touch-screen station
  • EXHIBITS: Pick and choose which of the 60 exhibits you want to discover on your next visit
  • INTERVIEW: Interview some of Canada’s most successful athletes and find out what it takes to make it to the next level

These are only a few of the fun and interactive things to do down at Canada Olympic Parks HOF facility. Find out more at Best Calgary Tourist Attractions – Canada Sport’s Hall of Fame today.

#3 – Crescent Heights Hill

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There are few better places to begin a day of sightseeing in and around Calgary than at Crescent Heights Hill. Located just across Centre Street Bridge and north of the downtown core, these pave pathways meander along a plateau spanning across the entire north end of downtown and span outwards to other areas of the inner city.

Downtown Calgary Skyline

Depending on how much time you have to spare, you can walk east all the way to Bridgeland then south across the Bow River to St. Patrick’s Island, the Calgary Zoo and East Village, or west towards the Kensington Business Revitalization Zone.

Or, just simply enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the downtown core and Bow River Valley westward, which looks breathtaking against a dropping sun in the evening sky.

Learn more at Best Calgary Tourist Attractions – Crescent Heights Hill today.

#4 – Princes Island Park

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This natural scenic beauty hides an important piece of Calgary’s history without many locals even knowing about it.Calgary Tourist Attractions Princes Island Park

Found just north of the downtown core, Princes Island Park never used to be an island; it had a moat delved out of its southern most side to allow for the capture of felled trees upstream along the Bow River to use for the construction of buildings in Calgary’s historical downtown area. Learn more at the History of Princes Island Park today.

Today, that moat has been cut right through to create an island reachable by bridges from both the north (Memorial Drive) and south (RiverWalk). The park is home to several playgrounds, open green space, an amphitheatre, public washrooms, outdoor skating area (winter) and a top-end restaurant called the River Café.

The park is also host to several of Calgary’s most prominent and well known festivals year round including:Fireworks downtown Princes Island Park Calgary Alberta

  • Afrikadey
  • Calgary Folk Music Festival
  • Canada Day Celebration
  • Expo Latino
  • Heritage Day Celebration

If you are lucky, you will be visiting Calgary during one of these festivals and will have the opportunity to check them out! Find out more at our Best Calgary Tourist Attractions – Princes Island Park today.

#5 – River Café

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river cafe entrance summer calgaryRestaurants usually don’t make it onto the front page of tourist attractions, but the River Café’s mid-park location and use of locally-sourced ingredients make it a unique and authentic Calgary experience for all.

I recommend making a reservation on the patio for a warm day during the spring and summer months. This is one of the best local patios around as you are immersed in lush, green vegetation all around and on most days can hear the calming sound of rushing water from the Bow River.

Afterwards, a short walk to explore the rest of Princes Island Park, into Chinatown to discover some unique food and shops, or perhaps towards the Calgary Zoo is as convenient as it gets.

Find out more at our Best Calgary Tourist Attractions – River Café today.

#6 – TELUS Spark Science Centre

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Website – www.sparkscience.caTELUS Spark Calgary Entrance Best Calgary Tourist Attractions

If you’re the type that enjoys learning wherever you go, then a stop-in at the TELUS Spark Science Centre on your visit to Calgary is an ideal tourist attraction for you!

Here you can learn about all sorts of sciences at countless exhibits including:

  • Laws of physics
  • Human physiology
  • Environment: earth, air, water
  • Solar system and space
  • Scientific achievements throughout history
  • Alberta’s energy industry

…and many more! There’s even a cool HD dome theatre where you can sit back and enjoy some documentaries on the latest and greatest on topics from the entire spectrum of science. Other special activities include:

  • Adult’s night with a special event for ages 18 plus every Thursday
  • Full-sized cafeteria with food and drink for all
  • Incredible outdoor playground with new additions every year
  • All-inclusive gift store with cool scientific gadgets, clothing and other neat stuff
  • New exhibits every few months to check out

The TELUS Spark Science Centre is also located not far from the Calgary Zoo, East Village and the downtown core, making it an ideal stop-in for any visitor to YYC on a day out and about.

See more at our Best Calgary Tourist Attractions – TELUS Spark today.

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