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Best months to buy a home in Calgary

Calgary Home Buyers Guide Q & A: When is best to buy a home in Calgary

Calgary Home Buyers Guide Q and AQUESTION: What is the best month to buy a home in Calgary?

ANSWER: It really depends on what your definition of “best” means. The Spring and Fall seasons are the busiest time of year for the Calgary real estate market. That means more sellers, more buyers and more activity. That doesnt mean that the Summer and Winter are dead quiet though, and it is actually quite the contrary, these 2 “off peak” seasons still see good levels of activity. (Read more about my services as your home buyers guide)

The Summer is affected by:

  • Schools out
  • Summer Vacations
  • The gorgeous weather
  • Stampede

The Winter is affected by:

  • The weather
  • Christmas and Holidays

If you are looking to buy a home, I believe any month can be the best month to buy and I say this for a few reasons. For starters, great real estate is listed for sale everyday in Calgary. If you know what you are looking for it could be available in December the same as it may be available in May. Another reason is that with the seasonal nature of Calgary’s real estate market there are more buyers looking in the peak seasons which may mean more competition for your dream home.

As real estate is driven in the short term by supply and demand which is driven by the longer term economic fundamentals when more people are buying it may even have a slight impact on prices. On the other hand if you are looking in the middle of July while everyone is at Stampede maybe you will find a seller who hasn’t seen a lot of showings or activity and is more eager to negotiate a sale.

Every month is a good month to buy a home in Calgary, with no exceptions. The most important aspect of this questions is what month is the best month for you to buy a home.  Get all the information, see all the comparable listings, take your time and make the best decision for you!

If you have questions about the Calgary real estate market and are thinking about buying a home you can call me direct at 403-370-4180 anytime or message me below! I would be honoured to have the privilege of helping you with you next move in this great city.

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