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Top 5 Places to Drink Tequila in Calgary

  • May 17, 2018
  • By Cody Battershill

Calgaryism's Top 5: Best Tequila Bars in Calgarybest tequila bars in calgary

Have you ever felt an urge for tequila? Hey, sometimes it happens, and the next time it does there are a few tequila bars in Calgary you won’t want to miss out on.

These food and drink establishments are as authentic as it gets for both Mexican dining AND drinking in Calgary, offering some of the best authentic food, incredible selections of tequila and an excellent all-round out-on-the-town experience.

Whether you want to be sipping straight tequila like your supposed to, or enjoy it melded seamlessly into a fancy cocktail, these best tequila bars / restaurants got you covered.

#1 – Añejo

Real sunshine outside. Liquid sunshine inside. Come drink!

A post shared by AÑEJO Restaurant (@anejoyyc) on

With over 200+ tequilas and mezcal (tequila’s cousin) to choose from and handcrafted recipes that will make anyone’s mouth water, Añejo is the spot to be when looking for a place to drink tequila in Calgary.

Pair its incredibly authentic Mexican dining experience with nightly happy hour after 9pm and a vibrant social scene on the 4th Street Business Improvement Area, and without a doubt you got one of the best tequila bars in the city.

There’s also a great cocktail menu and a ton of margaritas, plus delicious tacos that you can get for half-price on taco Tuesdays or during happy hour. Unfortunately, Añejo only has a small spring / summer patio section, but the inside is so lively and fun that it's likely you won’t want to go outside to enjoy the sun anyways.

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  • Address - #2, 2216 4th Street SW
  • Phone Number – 587-353-2656
  • Website –

#2 - Blanco Cantina

Happy National Margarita Day! A post shared by BLANCO Cantina (@blancoyyc) on

This relatively new Mexican cantina has been a big hit with its daily specials and delicious food and drink on 17th Avenue SW. Coming to you from the owners of Añejo, there’s no surprise about that really.

Blanco features more than 75 hand-selected choices of tequila and spirits, most of which are the best selections from Añejo. While you don’t have as big of a selection of tequila compared to its parent restaurant, there’s more than enough to tickle anyone’s fancy.

Enjoy happy hour every day from 3pm to 5pm and 9pm ‘till close. That includes half-price tequila (even applies to the $300 per shot tequila), nachos, tacos and $6 beers and margaritas. The next time you’re in for some tequila, you can’t go wrong with Blanco Cantina on the Red Mile!

  • Address – 723 17th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-228-1854
  • Website –

 #3 - Los Chilitos Taco & Tequila House

Another one of the best tequila bars in Calgary is also found on the Red Mile, but further west. Apart from tequila, Los Chilitos Taco & Tequila House is known for its multiple-tiered, spacious patio, perfect for enjoying a cold beer during the dry summer heat.

With 24 different tequilas to choose from, there’s more than enough types to try a different kind each shot, all day and night. Back in Mexico, its custom to mix tequila with sangrita as well, which they have several different kinds of for creating even more combinations to try off the drink menu.

Inside I find the dining space to not be as cozy compared to the patio, but what it lacks in comfort it makes up for in scrumptious (and sometimes spicy) authentic Mexican food and drink. This place is a must try if you haven’t been already!

See more at our Los Chilitos Restaurant Review today.

  • Address – 1309 17th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-228-5528
  • Website –

#4 - Proof

Monday doesn’t have to suck • All night happy Hour starts at 4pm! A post shared by Proof Cocktail Bar (@proofyyc) on

While not an all-out Mexican restaurant and bar, Proof does lack a wider selection of tequila but makes up for it with its classy atmosphere and vibrant setting. People from all over Calgary head to Proof for cocktails daily; it truly is one of the classic cocktail bastions in the city.

Proof’s tequila and mezcal cocktail menu includes five selections ranging from 2 oz. to 2.5 oz. and $14 to $17 per pop. One of the most popular they have is the “Fire in the Pharmacy,” 2oz. of mezcal with ginger, honey, lemon and Ardbeg scotch float. Let’s not forget about the rest of what’s on the 32-page menu; cocktails with every other alcohol you could imagine plus some appetizing tapas dishes.

Proof is well located in the east end of the Beltline in an area known as “First Street Village” where there’s several other bars, restaurants and nightlife destinations within a few blocks. This is the perfect place to start (or end) a night out on the town for obvious reasons.

  • Address - 1302 1st Street SW
  • Phone Number - 403-246-2414
  • Website -

#5 - Julio's Barrio

Dinner time and .. alcohol A post shared by Shil_Y (@es.yoon85) on

Julio’s Barrio is one of the more casual restaurants on this list as it only has a selection of four different tequilas to choose from. Regardless, this long-standing Mexican restaurant in the heart of the Kensington District has a very spacious interior and an even better patio space, perfect for enjoying a cold one on a hot summers day.

Gluten-sensitive tequila drinkers will appreciate Julio’s extensive gluten-free menu however. With over 15 choices of soup, salad, appetizers and entrees, those with sensitivity or allergy to gluten won’t be bored with the menu choices!

As mentioned above, Julio’s Barrio is well located in the Kensington BRZ area. This means after you’ve visited one of the best places to drink tequila in Calgary, the downtown Eau Claire community, Bow River pathways and Prince’s Island Park (to name a few nearby destinations) are just a short walk away.

  • Address – 1110 Memorial Drive NW
  • Phone Number – 403-203-3066
  • Website –

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