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Borgo Trattoria – Best Steak and Eggs in Calgary

Borgo Trattoria – Best Steak and Eggs in Calgary!!

Borgo Trattoria 17th Avenue SW Calgary RestaurantIt’s been a few days since I went to Borgo Trattoria for their weekend brunch and I am still thinking about their steak and eggs.

I won’t lie… I have felt this way every time I have eaten this meal. Now it is time to let all Calgarians know exactly what it is they are missing out on.

If you love your steak and eggs like I do, then you won’t want to miss Borgo Trattoria’s take on the dish during their weekend brunch! It’s so good that I’m even calling it the best steak and eggs in town!

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Gourmet PlateBorgo Trattoria Steak Eggs Brunch Italian Gourmet

A glance at Borgo’s steak and eggs and you’ll notice that it doesn’t look like your typical breakfast plate.

Instead of a large serving of hash browns that you would typically get with most steak and egg dishes, Borgo pairs a light cake with lettuce covered in a sauce so good that it compels you to keep eating it until it’s all gone. I never thought that lettuce would taste so good on a breakfast plate.

The best way to fully enjoy this delicate mix of soft cake and scrumptious lettuce is to mix it with a slice of beef sirloin, a smidge of the scrambled truffle eggs and a piece of the crispy speck prosciutto, although saving the lettuce to mix it with the other meal components might take some practice – It was quite a few visits before I could resist eating it all at once.

Order an Americano, Espresso or maybe a Cappuccino perhaps and your set! See more at Why I Love Connaught – Borgo Trattoria today!

Italian Style “Brunch”

Steak and Eggs Broiled, thin slices of beef sirloin (no temp), scrambled truffle eggs & crispy speck prosciutto – $18.00 – This will be the best $20 dollars you’ve ever spent on brunch, trust me!!

  • From 11:00am to 3:00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday

Borgo TrattoriaI love Calgary

  • Address – 818 16th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB
  • Phone Number – 403-245-2202

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