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5 Quick-Tips for Building a Home in Calgary

Are You Building a Home in Calgary Sometime Soon?Building a Calgary home 3 tips to success

Building a home in Calgary is as exciting as it gets. A modern layout, customizable options and a never-before-lived-in home are just a few of the perks of building new.

Unless you have your own building company, you’ll have to acquire the services of a home builder in Calgary to accomplish this goal.

Over the years I’ve had several clients ask me why they should use my services as a real estate agent when building new and not just go straight to the builder sales centre themselves.

Here are the reasons I told them and why I think you should also choose an experienced local real estate agent to help you find and build your new home in Calgary. Also see these 6 Reasons to Use a REALTOR When Building a New Home.

#1 – Don’t sweat the details Guide to written contracts

First and foremost, I recommend you find a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent who can take care of all the details for you while protecting your best interests.

If they do their job well, you won’t have to take care of any of the logistical details such as finding:

  • The right community / area
  • A home with correct specifications
  • A home within your budget
  • Contact information to arrange showings
  • Same goes for visits to the site and lot

You save your valuable time, have no hassle and no stress so you can focus on on your life, family, children and enjoy your spare time.

#2 – Protect your best interests Remax Calgary Service Guarantee

The builders sales staff work 100% for the builder and do not have to give you anything extra or above. They do not owe you a fiduciary relationship or exclusive representation.

I have seen countless situations where sales staff omitted or deflected questions about variables pertaining to future development or other issues only to see the client extremely unhappy when they find out they didn’t have all the facts to base their decision on.

It can be easy to listen to the hype, but when you have a real estate agent by your side they will be your voice of reason and confirm or correct any “fluff” or “misinformation” that may be provided.Also see these

#3 – Comparative market analysesenergy efficiency smart home ipad benefits of new home living

A real estate agent will provide you with comparative market analyses using the special tools they have access to as industry professionals. You’ll get to see what is on the resale market in direct comparison to the new market to make sure you are getting the best price.

They will also be explained to you in detail while also being given recommendations based on the real estate agent’s knowledge and expertise and your wants as a client.

#4 – Extensive serviceRemax Calgary Service Guarantee

While some real estate agents will take you to a show home once, others will go above and beyond the standard call of client-service.

Find a real estate agent who will accompany you during the offer stage, upgrading selection and all other important appointments to make sure your interests are looked after and are receiving only the best service.

#5 – Costs included 

Builders factor paying REALTORS® into every deal as part of their soft marketing costs. That means that they pay commission to the agent helping you.

If you don’t have a real estate agent representing you, the builder will not compensate you in lieu of.

A Closing Remark…I love Calgary

In my opinion, builders treat clients with real estate agents by their side much better because they are concerned about future business and potential blow back if they don’t leave a good impression on both the client and agent.

Having an experienced real estate agent represent you when you build your new home in Calgary means you are fully informed and have your own advocate to help you accomplish your real estate goals at all times. You will never be in the dark!

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