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Why I Love Victoria Park – Cafe Rosso

Cafe Rosso, Just Another Reason Why I Love Victoria ParkCafe Rosso Victoria Park Calgary AB

Everyone needs a place like Café Rosso close to their home. With three locations in Calgary, chances are that this must-try café may not be as far away as you think!

I am constantly in Victoria Park helping my clients, meeting my friends and enjoying myself in my free time which makes Café Rosso the perfect stop for a quick bite to eat and a picker-upper coffee whenever I need it.


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A-Typical CafeCalgary Tower Cafe Rosso Victoria Park

Café Rosso might seem like just your typical street café, but really is it much, much more.

After the first location opened in Ramsay in 2007, local community responded very positively to the quality blended coffee and savoury café eats.

Since then it has expanded to include two more locations in Victoria Park and another on Stephen Avenue in downtown.

Today, Rosso Coffee Roasters create their own coffees using a 12 kilogram probat roaster at their original location in Ramsay.

They have a full line-up of different coffees as well as teas and other products, even offering monthly coffee subscriptions ranging from $135.00 (3 months) to $435.00 (12 months).

Café Rosso is not just a café, but a lifestyle choice, a place where you can go, relax and enjoy some of the high-quality food and drink all for a very affordable price.

Atmosphere, Service, FoodCafe Rosso breakfast sandwich

One thing I love about this particular Café Rosso is that it is located on a quiet street in Victoria Park’s northern end.

Out front, a nice little patio with a view of the Calgary Tower that makes for a great spot to enjoy a delicious breakfast sandwich and Two Wheel Espresso at early hours of the morning, or perhaps for a light salad accompanied by a savoury Guatemala El Inteligente coffee for lunch.

Apart from the physical location, Café Rosso has a modern, relaxing atmosphere that is quite comfortable to sit down, chat, eat, work or do whatever else it is that you may do.

Staff is always very friendly and are willing to go out of their way to accompany your requests as a customer which I found out the last time I visited with my ever-so-picky friend.

He didn’t like the tomato paste they used on one of their signature sandwiches so they made him a custom one with his preferred toppings (not on the menu). Little does he know that he’s missing out on the best part!

Anyway, I highly recommend trying the breakfast sandwich with an espresso. This combo will cost you about eight dollars and will leave a smile on your face for the rest of the morning.

I Love Victoria Park I love Calgary YYC 5

Café Rosso is just one example as to why I love absolutely love Victoria Park.

If you haven’t been quite yet you should definitely check this location out or head to the original shop in Ramsay for a more all-inclusive Rosso Coffee Roasters experience.

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