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Calgary Named 34th Best City in the World in 2018!

  • November 23, 2017
  • By Cody Battershill

Calgary Ranks 34th Top City in the World in 2018!8th Avenue SW Downtown Calgary Alberta

Calgary nearly cracked the top third percentile in a new urban tourism consulting company’s global ranking of the top international cities across the globe – coming in at 34th out of 100 surveyed cities. Not bad!

The report, called ‘The World’s Best Cities 2018’, was compiled by Resonance Consultancy, a company involved in advising for economic development, tourism and real estate projects around the world.

Coming in 13th and 29th, Toronto and Vancouver were the only other Canadian cities to rank ahead of Calgary (#34), while Montreal, Ottawa and Edmonton placed 41st, 51st and 60th, respectively.

Here are the Top 50 on The World’s Best Cities by Resonance Consultancy for 2018:

Top 50 Best Cities in the World (2018)i love calgary alberta

  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Paris
  4. Moscow
  5. Tokyo
  6. Singapore
  7. Dubai
  8. Barcelona
  9. San Francisco
  10. Chicago
  11. Madrid
  12. Los Angeles
  13. Toronto
  14. Amsterdam
  15. Boston
  16. Rome
  17. Hong Kong
  18. Las Vegas
  19. Seattle
  20. San Diego
  21. Washington
  22. St. Petersburg
  23. Prague
  24. Beijing
  25. Sydney
  26. San Jose
  27. Miami
  28. Berlin
  29. Vancouver
  30. Orlando
  31. Houston
  32. Zurich
  33. Frankfurt
  34. Calgary
  35. Munich
  36. Seoul
  37. Denver
  38. Melbourne
  39. Portland
  40. Milan
  41. Montreal
  42. Dallas
  43. Dublin
  44. Austin
  45. Istanbul
  46. Brisbane
  47. Minneapolis
  48. Vienna
  49. Atlanta
  50. Brussels

Categories: The 6 P’scalgary hidden gems downtown YYC calgary alberta

Six broad ‘P’ categories were used to determine the rankings, including:

  • People: diversity, education levels, rates of immigration
  • Place: crime rate, parks, neighbourhoods, outdoors, weather
  • Product: airport connections, entertainment, key institutions, museums, university rankings
  • Programming: arts, culture, nightlife, shopping, restaurant scene
  • Promotion: Google search results, TripAdvisor reviews and other online reputation factors
  • Prosperity: employment rate, GDP per capita, present corporations

Calgary's Individual RankingsCalgary East Village Infographic

Calgary received the most points in in the People category, ranking #8 overall.

As a matter of fact, the report makes a stellar remark about the atmosphere in the city (I’m assuming downtown), even saying, “There’s an energy here of a much larger place. People walk with the velocity of New Yorkers, and cut to the chase like Texans.”

Calgary also happened to rank #20 in the Prosperity category, which included an impressive #8 overall for GDP, one spot behind New York.

It also says that Calgary is a “city of risk takers”, with an increasingly diversifying range of skill-based workers that have become adept at riding out the boom and bust cycles of the energy-based economy. Because of this, the city also faired well

A bit further down the list, Calgary ranked #40 in the Place category.

The sheer number of interconnecting parks and pathways alongside emerging neighbourhoods, like that of the 31-acre “urban oasis” of East Village in downtown Calgary, which has played a pivotal role in gaining such recognition.

5th Most Livable City in the World5th best city in the world calgary alberta

Just last summer Calgary was ranked as the 5th Most Livable City in the World by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Livability Survey. It was the 9th consecutive year that Calgary managed to hold the 5th spot on this reputable report.

Seems that Calgary only has ground to break with new urban developments like East Village in the works, alongside improved C-Train access and the ideas of other new projects like a new arena, Victoria Park redevelopment and West Village stirring in the wind.

What’s next for Calgary?! We are excited to find out!

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