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Calgary Activities – Do What the Locals Do

  • May 11, 2015
  • By Cody Battershill

Why Not Do What the Locals Do in Calgary, Alberta?

Things to do in Calgary - Do What the Locals DoCalgary has an endless list of fun things to do in and around its city limits. Whether it is an outdoor activity during the summer heat or an indoor event during the cold  winter, you can always find something fun and exciting happening in YYC!

Maybe you have in Calgary for as long as you can remember, are new to the city or perhaps will be visiting in the near future. Regardless which one of these is you, it’s always good to know about Calgary activities and events so you can enjoy everything that the city has to offer!

You might ask yourself what are the absolute best Calgary activities? One measure is what the locals do! If you do what the locals do, chances are you are participating in some of the best recreation and entertainment around.

If you are looking for some Calgary activities to help satisfy your thirst for some fun, why not check out some of our do what the locals do episodes below for some suggestions. You won't be disappointed!


Holy Grill CalgaryEpisode 1 - Holy Grill

Holy Grill is a downtown Calgary restaurant with one of the best breakfast and brunches in town. This family owned restaurant is a must try! On the corner of 10th avenue and 8th street SW and has parking for customers. A new location has just recently opened up in the downtown core as well!

See more at Do What the Locals do at the Holy Grill.

COP Canada Olympic Park Calgary AlbertaEpisode 2 - C.O.P.

Canada Olympic park has both indoor and outdoor fun for people all ages. Swimming, zip lining, skiing and much more! While you are there, discover some of Canada's sports history, artifacts and more at C.O.P's Canada Sports Hall of Fame.

Find out more about the things to do at C.O.P. and check out Calgary Activities - Canada Olympic Park.

Calgary Activities - the riversEpisode 3 - River Parks / Pathways

The Bow and Elbow river parks and pathways are used by many for recreation and plain old fun! Whether it be rafting down the river or a long bike ride, the river parks and pathways always have tons of things to do along the way.

Learn more at Calgary Activities - River Pathways and Parks.

Kananaskis Country CalgaryEpisode 4 – Kananaskis Country

Only about a 40 minute drive west on the Trans Canada highway, Kananaskis has everything needed to satisfy your craving for outdoor adventure.

Find out more about the things to do in the area at Calgary Activities - Kananaskis Country.

Calgary Attractions - Calgary Zoo RocksEpisode 5 - Calgary Zoo

Our local zoo has a number of different animal Displays including elephants, penguins, tigers and much more, plus many other activities and events fun for the whole family!

Why not Do What the Locals Do at the Calgary Zoo!?

Calgary Stampede InfographicEpisode 6 - Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is an annual event happening every year that attracts millions! Today, it has adopted the name as "the greatest outdoor show on Earth", and for good reasons!

Find out what you’re missing out on! Head down to the grounds and check out the Calgary Activities at the Stampede.

Calgary Spruce MeadowsEpisode 7 - Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows is an equestrian centre with monthly activities and events for all ages. To visit, plan on driving about a half an hour from the centre of the city. Find out more about the things to do at this local attraction!

See more at Do What the Locals Do at Spruce Meadows.

Historical Heritage Park Calgary AlbertaEpisode 8 - Heritage Park

This historical village is a heritage site with a main purpose to conserve YYC's old western culture. Heritage Park is definitely a must for those looking to have fun and be a part of the action. Let's not forget where we came from!

Find out more about activities and events at Calgary Activities - Heritage Park.

Sikome Lake Beach in CalgaryEpisode 9 - Sikome Lake

Is the sun so sweltering hot you find yourself longing for soft sand under your toes and for a body of water within an arm’s length? Head to Sikome Lake in Fish Creek Provincial Park!

Find out more about fun in the sun at Sikome Lake Calgary Activities.

Calaway Park Calgary AlbertaEpisode 10 – Calaway Park

Calaway Park is the largest theme park in western Canada. Going to Calaway park on a hot summers weekend is every kid’s dream; fun activities and events for the whole family!

Find out more about the things to do there at Calaway Park Calgary Activities.

PalisadeEpisode 11 - Fort Calgary

Discover where it all began at Fort Calgary! Found in the downtown area at the meeting place of the Bow and Elbow Rivers, Fort Calgary is easy to get to via LRT and is a great place to learn, discover and enjoy!

Find out more about the local attraction at Calgary Activities - Fort Calgary.

Tank-at-Military-Museums-in-CalgaryEpisode 12 - The Military Museums

Learn about our nations war history, of victories, tragedies and of those courageous enough to battle for our nation and its allies under unimaginable circumstances at the Military Museums, a fun-filled local Calgary attraction great for the whole family!

Find out more about Calgary Activities at the Military Museums.

Glenbow Museum CalgaryEpisode 13 - Glenbow Museum

Located in downtown Calgary on Stephen Avenue, the Glenbow Museum is an awesome place to learn about the history of Western Culture, Aboriginal Peoples and the exploration of the Western Frontier. Why not check out this fun-filled local Calgary attraction today!?

Learn more about Calgary Activities at the Glenbow Museum.

Eau Claire Market CalgaryEpisode 14 - Eau Claire Market

Eau Claire Market is found right in the heart of the downtown core. It is a great meeting place to grab a bite to eat, go for a run on the riverwalk, do some shopping, work out, see a movie, plus much more.

Find out what some of my things to do are at Eau Claire Market Calgary Activities.

Prince's Island Park in downtown CalgaryEpisode 15 - Prince's Island Park

Prince's Island Park is a very popular downtown park in Calgary. Found on the Bow River directly north of the downtown business core, it is the location of many lunch breakers and "recreationalists" alike, looking to enjoy the outdoors while being immersed by the sounds of nature.

Read more about Calgary Activities at Princes Island Park today!

Talisman Centre Calgary Alberta CanadaEpisode 16 - Talisman Centre

The Talisman Centre is by far the best recreational centre in Calgary. Did you know that it is one of the most visited and largest indoor sports complexes in North America? What are you waiting for!

Learn more about this awesome recreational facility at Calgary Activities - The Talisman Centre.

Olympic Oval Calgary ActivitiesEpisode 17 - Olympic Oval

The Olympic Oval is one of the best places in Calgary for indoor skating and fitness activities. Whether you are just learning the ropes of skating, or have earned all your stripes in skating already, the Olympic Oval provides locals with the opportunity to skate, and almost at anytime during the weekday with several public sessions!

So why not Do What the Locals Do at the Olympic Oval.

Stephen Avenue Walk Calgary ActivitiesEpisode 18 - Stephen Avenue Walk

Stephen Avenue has long been known as one of the most vibrant areas of Calgary. With countless restaurants, shops, activities, events and more, it attracts thousands of people every day. Stephen Avenue is a must stop for visitors to Calgary!

For more information, be sure to check out these Calgary Activities at Stephen Avenue Walk.

Episode 19 - Jubilee AuditoriumCalgary Activities Jubilee Auditorium

Looking for some of the best shows around town? Look no further than the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium located at SAIT, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary's inner city! It's capacity of over 2500 people across three different floors, state of the art systems and convenient location make it one of the most visited Calgary entertainment venues.

See more at the Jubilee Auditorium - Calgary Activities today.

Calgary Activities Events Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club Elbow River CasiinoEpisode 20 - Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club

When it comes to stand-up comedy, there are few other places in Calgary that does it as good as Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club. Located on the second level of the Elbow River Casino in Victoria Park, Yuk Yuk's is a great place to start off the night with a show by a wide variety of comedians ranging from world pro's to local talent.

Learn more and maybe participate in the Calgary Activities at Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club.

Episode 21 - Taylor Family Digital LibraryTFDL University of Calgary east side

Its one of the biggest and most sophisticated libraries we have in terms of design and technology. The Taylor Family Digital Library is much more than your typical public library facility; find out what this behemoth offers other than just heaps upon heaps of books - more than 600,000 to be exact - across its 24,000 square metres of space.

Find out more at Calgary Activities - Taylor Family Digital Library today!

Do What the Locals Do - Calgary Activities

Best in Calgary CalgaryismSurely we will never run out of local activities and events to write about. Let us know what your favorite things to do in Calgary are. I will do my best to write about it and add it to the list!

Thanks for stopping in! Until next time, be sure to check out these local Calgary Landmarks!