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Calgary Hidden Gems: The Dive Shop

  • November 15, 2017
  • By Cody Battershill

Calgary Hidden Gems: The Dive Shop on Macleoddive shop

Are you thinking about taking scuba diving lessons in Calgary? If so, put your hopes and dreams into the trusted hands of The Dive Shop and its instructors!

Scuba diving is something that I have always wanted to do. After doing research on some of the different scuba diving shops around Calgary, I decided to sign up for the PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Course at The Dive Shop on Macleod Trail SW.

Scuba Diving Lessons

Two different options are available for learning scuba diving at The Dive Shop on Macleod: week-long course with sessions for a few hours every night or compact weekend course Friday to Sunday only. I chose to do the compacted Friday to Sunday, although either way you will still complete about 20 hours of class room and pool activities.

After choosing a date that suited my schedule, I was given a package that included forms, official PADI course guides and a list of what I needed to complete before attending each day. You are also given a 250-page course guide and required to obtain two passport sized photos for your license once completed.

If you pick up on things easily, the time consuming task of reading the course guide isn’t necessary because all of the content is gone over in class twice, which is also practiced in the pool with examples given by the pool instructor. A few necessary things such as a bathing suit, towel and snacks are obviously required. Don't forget those!

Course DescriptionI love Calgary

The first day we were split into two groups of eight. When one group was in the class room, the other would be in the pool.

My group immediately changed into our bathing suits and began learning how to assemble our scuba gear, all of which is provided by the shop. Afterwards we switched with the other group and went into the class room where we watched a step-by-step movie followed by step-by-step instruction on the same procedures and content that we just had practiced.

Over the next two days the same pattern was followed with 35 to 60 minute lunch breaks depending on how fast the group’s progression was during pool practice. Luckily there are a bunch of good restaurants just across the street or in the same strip mall you can eat at quickly. Also see Calgary Hidden Gems - Green Basil.

There was definitely a learning curve to do with using the scuba gear on the first two days. However, on the third and final day of the course, my comfort level with the scuba gear surpassed what I had expected where I would perform given tasks from the instructor with ease.

I recommend bringing shampoo to shower with after the four hour pool sessions because the chlorine content in the pool is extreme and the water is luke-warm that makes for a nasty, parched feeling when sitting in class afterwards.

Review of Instructors

The Dive Shop's scuba diving instructors were extremely friendly and surprisingly humorous. They managed to keep my attention most of the time and prevent me from nodding off in the classroom. Both of them were also highly-qualified instructors with close to 2000 dives between them!

In-pool activities can sometimes take a while depending on the athleticism of your group; the in-pool instructors showed ample patience for each individual and also gave extra instruction for those that needed it.

The Dive Shop has a large inventory of scuba equipment that is reviewed during instruction time. After completing the course I was given a coupon for 40% off for one of the dive computers, which was great because it’s an expensive piece of equipment and is something you will want to look at buying as a diver.

Overall, my scuba diving lesson experience in Calgary at The Dive Shop was enjoyable and didn't feel like school at all. If you're looking to get PADI certified - recognized all around the world by dive shops - check out this location on Macleod Trail!

The Dive ShopYour Source Best in Calgary Alberta

  • Address - 4652 Macleod Trail SW
  • Phone Number - 403.243-4616

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