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Calgary: Canada’s Ultimate Sports City!

Calgary is Canada’s Top Sports City for 2014!

Calgary has been named the fifth ultimate sports city in the world and with no other Canadian city’s ahead of it in the rankings, this also makes it the top in Canada!Canada's Ultimate Sports City Calgary Alberta Infographic

Calgary’s place as one of the top sports cities in the world was announced at the global SportAccord Conference held in Belek, Turkey on April 10th, 2014 as part of the Ultimate Sports City Awards.

These awards are the longest-established of their type, being held every two years since 2006 and are also fully recognized by the international community – way to go Calgary!

Here are the Top 10 Ultimate Sport Cities in 2014

1 – London – Score of 662, city of XL size

2 – Melbourne – Score of 637, city of L sizeCanada Map

3 – Auckland – Score of 614, city of M size

4 – Copenhagen – Score of 536, city of M size

5 – Calgary – Score of 534, city of S size

6 – Manchester – Score of 493, city of S size

7 – Sydney – Score of 484, city of L size

8 – Glasgow – Score of 479, city of S size

9 – New York – Score of 470, city of XL size

10 – Berlin – Score of 445, city of L size

Highlights I love Calgary

SportBusiness Ultimate Sports Cities head judge Rachael Church-Sanders commented on Calgary’s first ever appearance and success in the rankings as the best “small” city, leading on to say…

“Calgary swept the board through its achievement of high rankings for categories like security, event strategy, hosting, public sports interest / tourism and legacy. It is truly a world-class sports city that puts sports at the centre of its very being.

Prime examples would be its hosting of the annual Calgary Stampede and Spruce Meadows equestrian events that have much history behind them, as well as the growing and dynamic Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation.

They have shown that Calgary has a robust calendar of cultural and sporting events that all lay under one major umbrella – the Calgary Sport Tourism Authority.

Calgary is a city that has strongly embraced the 1988 Winter Olympic Games and continues to honor that legacy through renovations of those buildings used in the games and planning that continues their involvement in local activities and events”. See more Calgary Facts and Infographics today.

It’s very true; sports are closely tied to much of the best entertainment our city has to offer. Whether it be zip-lining or skiing at Canada Olympic Park, rodeo at the Calgary Stampede or hockey game at the Saddledome,  our sports facilities will continue to be important focal points in the community today and for many years to come.

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