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Calgary Condo Guide to Unit Exposure

  • May 10, 2021
  • By Cody Battershill

condo guide to apartment sun exposure

Which Condo Exposure is Right For You?

Light and sunshine are important aspects of how we enjoy where we live. So when you are buying a condo in Calgary, it is important to be aware of your condominiums' exposure to the sun.

Make sure you are thinking about how much natural light you will get during every season, and how your condo's exposure will affect your overall comfort when at home. Why so, you might ask?

To provide more insight on exposures, here's a quick list of the possibilities and what each of them they may mean for your condo. Also see:

Northern Exposurekeynote one condo for sale master bedroom 409 220 12th avenue SE

A condominium in Calgary with a northern exposure will get less light during the day than a unit that faces south, but will still have ample natural lighting for a comfy ambiance. In other words, your apartment will never be too dully lit and the chances of it overheating are slimmer versus other exposures given the angle of the sun and our location on the planet.

Many of my clients like a northern exposure because it gives them more control over the temperature of their apartment, especially in older buildings that do not have centralized air-conditioning.

Southern Exposure

A southern exposure means your condo will be getting ample natural lighting during most parts of the day. The sun has a better angle to penetrate your windows for longer periods of time, so you'll have to consider if this is something you're comfortable with.

Some homeowners will enjoy more natural lighting, while others may not be so thrilled as it may cause your apartment to overheat. Keep in mind that the "overheating" issue caused by a southern exposure can be deterred by modern exterior windows, proper air-conditioning, or a combination of the two.

Eastern Exposurewaterfront condo for sale interior living space

Prepare to be woken up by the sun if your eastern exposure condo doesn't have adequate blinds. However, highly personalized window treatments and accessories can mitigate those piercing sun rays in the early hours of the morning.

Eastern exposure apartments work well for early birds as your condo tends to warm up more during the morning hours rather than later at night. By the time you get home - as long as you have adequate air-conditioning, that is - you'll enjoy a nice and cool unit during the warmer months of the year.

Western Exposure

A western exposure apartment is ideal for those who enjoy perching up on their apartment's balcony to enjoy some chill time in the sun. By the time you get home, a warm patio will be waiting for you, sun-bathing chair and all, while your unit will have more natural lighting during the evening when compared to the morning.

Many high-rise condo buyers in Calgary seek a western exposure not just for the evening sun rays, but also for the views. The Bow River Valley and Rocky Mountains to the west provide some spectacular views if you're floor is high enough to see them and has unimpeded views.

Talk to Your Realtor®Calgary Real Estate Agents and Realtors Contact

Unit exposure is an important feature that should always be taken into consideration before buying a condominium. If you're unsure about what exposure may fit your goals best, it's always smart to have that conversation with your Realtor® and ensure that it's included in your search criteria.

Contact Cody and Jordan, Realtors® in Calgary with RE/MAX House of Real Estate for the best service, advice and third-party representation the industry has to offer. We are looking forward to discussing your real estate goals with you!