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Calgary Facts and Infographics: A Visual Learning Experience

  • September 21, 2015
  • By Cody Battershill

Calgary Facts & Infographics:  A Visual Learning ExperienceI love Calgary

Are you looking for some hard facts on Calgary, Alberta? Look no further!

Let me introduce you to several infographics that will make your learning of these great facts a fun and visually stimulating experience.

Everything from the current economy to the History of Calgary is covered by these infographics. This list is a work in progress and is added to as new facts are posted on my Facebook page Calgaryism.

So what are you waiting for? Begin your very own visually pleasing learning experience and see below for a complete list of Calgary facts and more!

Celebrating Diversity in YYCcalgary multicultural facts diversity infographic calgaryism

Calgary's population is made up of a large amount of immigrants from all around the world.

These multicultural citizens bring with them their beliefs, traditions, cuisines and much more that when combined with our own local culture create an incredible diversity that is celebrated year round in Calgary.

See these key facts as to why we should all Celebrate Diversity in YYC today.

Calgary Police Force: To Serve and To ProtectCalgary Police Force 1885 Established Infographic

What would we do without our police service?

Who knows, all I know is that the North West Mounted Police (NWMP) are responsible for founding our wonderful city!

Find out more cool facts on CPS and our history today at Calgary Police Force: Established in 1885.

Inglewood Bird SanctuaryInglewood Bird Sanctuary Calgary Activities Infographic

Located in the heart of Inglewood is a rare bird sanctuary where you may just see a bird or two that you've never seen before.

As a matter of fact, over 260 species of birds have been recorded at the sanctuary!

Learn more about this hidden gem today at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary: Over 260 Species!

Canada's Ultimate Sports City Canada's Ultimate Sports City Calgary Alberta Infographic

Just recently Calgary was named as Canada's ultimate sports city and the fifth best in the entire world!

Ranking came from one of the most respected international sports groups and are recognized world-wide.

Learn more about what makes our city such an awesome sports city to begin with at Calgary: Canada's Ultimate Sports City today.

Canada's Third Busiest AirportInfographic Canada's Third Busiest Airport Calgary International YYC

Did you know that the Calgary International Airport, also known as YYC, is the third busiest airport in all of Canada?

With more than 14 million passengers in 2013 and new terminal / runway expansions, YYC is set to be increasingly busy over the next several years.

Learn more at Canada's Third Busiest Airport: YYC today!

Strongest Global Real Estate Investment MarketCalgary Strongest Performing Real Estate Market Investments

According to the Investment Property Databank, Calgary was the strongest performing global real estate investment market in 2012.

Key contributors are the prosperous economy linked to the energy industry as well as high levels of migration driving demand for rental properties.

See more today at Calgary - Strongest Global Real Estate Market today.

Calgary Successful City InfographicElements of a Successful City

What makes Calgary such a successful city? Well, if you don't know already, we don't want to spoil it for you!

Let's see... a great location, high quality of life, ample employment opportunities, high income levels... but wait, there's more!

See for yourself at our Elements of a Successful City Infographic complete with more details!

Calgary Landmarks Calgary TowerEvolution of the Calgary Tower

Have you ever wondered the history and facts of our cities most iconic building?

Find out everything you need to know from the past to the present, and even a little bit of the future at our Evolution of the Calgary Tower!

Deerfoot Trail Calgary - Calgaryism Fact 13The Name Deerfoot?

Have you ever wondered where the name Deerfoot in Deerfoot Trail or Deerfoot Mall came from?

You will be amazed at the accomplishments of this man; it’s easy to see why his name was used for one of our cities main highways.

Check it out at Calgary Facts #13 – Deerfoot Trail.

Calgary awards and rankings are the best in CanadaAwards, Recognition and Rankings

Also known as the “heart of the west”, the City of Calgary is a nationally and internationally acclaimed city for many reasons.

Why is Calgary such an awesome place to live? Get a good idea what all the hype is about and check out these facts on Calgary Awards, Recognition and Rankings today.

Calgary Diversity - How Diverse is CalgaryHow Diverse is Calgary, Alberta?

Our city’s population consists of many different people and cultures from around the world.

This diversity has made Calgary very rich in cultural activities, events and food.

Learn more facts on Calgary and its Diversity today!

Calgary Alberta 5th best city to live in the world infographic5th Best City to Live in the World

I always knew my city was an awesome place to live. The Economist Liveability Survey reinforced my belief when it named Calgary as one of the top places to live in the entire world for three years in a row!

Find out more facts at Calgary – 5th Most Livable City in the World.

Volunteer CalgaryVolunteering in YYC

Did you know that the City of Calgary has more volunteers per capita than any other city in Canada?

Much of this can be attributed to its wide array of annual festivals such as the greatest outdoor show on earth, the Calgary Stampede.

More at Calgary Facts #13 – Volunteering in YYC.

Calgary economics and Canada's economic epicentreCanada’s Economic Epicentre

Calgary is a prosperous city where there’s much opportunity for locals and foreigners alike.

If any place in Canada would be ideal to move to for those looking for jobs and a better life, Calgary is it.

Just see for yourself the hard facts on Calgary - Canada’s Economic Epicentre.

Calgary Population Growth Calgary Population Boom InfographicPopulation Boom

Many would say that the population boom in the western Canadian city hasn’t stopped every since it began in the 1950’s.

While this is partially true, if you see just how many people were moving here back in the day, you just might have to reconsider!

Learn more facts on Calgary Population in the 1950’s.

Calgary Facts Business InfographicsCanada’s Economic Engine

Most of us already know that the energy sector is one of the main reasons why this western Canadian city has such a strong economy.

Take your Calgary facts on economical and business figures to a whole new level and see Calgary – Canada’s Economic Engine today!

Population Growth Calgary April 2005 - 2006 Record Setting YearPopulation 1 Million People

It wasn’t too long ago that the City of Calgary’s population hit the 1 million mark.

Ever since that year, the population has continued to grow very rapidly, find out more for yourself at Welcome to Calgary – Population 1 Million People!

Calgary Top UHAUL Destination in CanadaTop One Way U-Haul Destination City in Canada

The annual U-Haul National Migration Trend Report 2012 has revealed Calgary to be the top one way U-Haul destination city in all of Canada.

Tens of thousands of people are moving to the city every year as a matter of fact.

More facts on Calgary – Top One Way U-Haul Destination here!

Fish Creek Park Calgary Infographic - Canada's Largest Urban ParkCanada’s Largest Urban Park

Where is Canada’s Largest Urban Park located? Well, considering you know what the topic of this blog is about you probably could guess, but do you know its name and want to know some more cool facts?

Find out at Calgary Facts #2 – Canada’s Largest Urban Park (and North America’s 2nd largest)!

Calgary named one of Canada's greenest sustainable citiesWorld Leading Ecological City

Did you know that Calgary’s LRT system transports more than 90 million passengers every year and has been named one of the most efficient mass transit systems on the continent?

Learn about this and more amazing ecological facts on Calgary as a World Leading Ecological City.

Atlanta Flames Calgary Flames Fact #22Atlanta Flames....?

Do you know where our beloved Flames originally came from?

More than 30 years ago the Atlanta Flames were having troubles that would end up seeing them off to a whole new home, in a whole new country!

More facts on Calgary and the Atlanta Flames here.

Diversity and multi-culturalism in Calgary2012 Cultural Capital of Canada

Who knew that in such a diverse nation such as Canada that Calgary would beat out the rest of the major metropolitan areas as the cultural capital?

Calgary is a wonderful place with approximately 25 percent of its population foreign born.

Find out more facts on Calgary as Canada’s Cultural Capital 2012.

Calgary Global Financial Centre WorldTop Global Financial Centre 2012

Calgary has been named as one of the top global financial centres in the world according to the London based Z/Yen Group’s Global Financial Centre Index.

As one of the most respected indexes of its type, this is something to be proud of!

Learn more facts on Calgary as a Top Financial Centre in the World today!

Calgary Facts YYC Airport InfographicYYC International Airport

Have you been out to the Calgary International Airport lately?

They are building a brand new terminal to keep up with the massive amount of people flying in and out of the city on an annual basis.

Learn more about this massive expansion and more today at our Calgary Facts and Figures – YYC International Airport.

Calgaryism Fact - Calgary is the best place to live in CanadaBest City to Live in Canada 2013

Nobody needed to tell me that Calgary was a great place to live. Being born and raised here, I love this city and am happy to see others agreeing with me.

“Others” as in MoneySense Magazine’s recently released report for 2013, deeming Calgary as the best place to live in Canada!

Calgary Facts Population Growth InfographicPopulation and Taxes

Fact is that the population in Calgary’s metropolitan area is growing extremely fast!

Could it be that having some of the lowest taxes and highest average incomes in Canada is attracting tens of thousands to the Province of Alberta?

Check out our Calgary’s Population and Taxes infographic for a few hard facts on Calgary.

Calgary 5th Most Livable City on Earth Infographic5th Most Livable City in 2013

Another year and another accolade for the "heart of the new west" from the Economist Intelligence Unit's Livability Survey.

In 2013 Calgary ranked 5th overall for the most livable city in the world.

This is the 4th consecutive year in a row that our city has been named as 5th on the report! Find out more at the 5th Most Livable City 2013.

Calgary Economic Development Prosperity InfographicAmong the World's Best

When it comes to economic development, Calgary is among the world's best!

According to the University of Toronto's Martin Prosperity Institute, our city ranked 9th overall out of more than a hundred cities worldwide for the level of economic development! Amazing!

Calgary Facts & Infographics

Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you thought of these Calgary facts and infographics. We would love to hear what you have to say.

Moving to Calgary? Check out these 11 Interesting Calgary Facts you probably didn't know about our city. Thanks for stopping in, we hope to have you back reading some more Calgary facts sooner than later!I Love Calgary

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