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Calgary Hidden Gems – Colour Me Mine

  • May 25, 2013
  • By Cody Battershill

Calgary Hidden Gems – Colour Me Mine

Colour Me Mine Kensington Calgary Hidden GemWho would have thought that Colour Me Mine would be as fun and romantic an activity as it is?

When I first heard what Colour Me Mine was all about, I thought I was too old to participate or that I wouldn’t enjoy it. But I was wrong! This is one of the funnest Calgary activities around!

The Hype

So what’s all the hype about? Well, this Calgary hidden gem is a store with do-it-yourself ceramic arts and crafts. I am guessing they have well over a hundred different ceramic pieces for customers to choose from, which can make it hard when deciding what to paint! They have everything from…

  • Fantasy characters
  • Super heroes
  • Dragons
  • Bowls, plates and cups
  • Wall decorations
  • Picture frames
  • and much more...

Colour Me Mine Ceramics Calgary Hidden Gem Arts CraftsHow it Works

After you finally choose a piece (or two) to paint, you head over to the paint desk where the Colour Me Mine representative will explain to you the different painting tools, colours and how to apply them, as well as several other tips and tricks to help bring your ceramic creation to life!

Available for use are thick books with various decals, designs and if you’d like, you can use already finished pieces on the store shelves as examples while you paint!

When everything is painted and dried, you leave your creation at Colour Me Mine to be fired, which takes anywhere from a few days to a week.

For Fun

Colour Me Mine is a fun activity for the kids, for couples, for friends, for anyone!

The few times I have been there I have seen many young children with their parents painting and loving every minute of it!

For the older generations, you`d be surprised as to how fun it really is, take my word for it!

The experience you have at this Calgary hidden gem is one you will always be reminded of when you look at your creation!

For Romance

Why not head down to Colour Me Mine before a romantic dinner date and choose a piece of ceramic for your date and vice versa, and then paint it for them?

Maybe it’s a heart shaped picture frame you would like to give him / her so you can put a picture of you two in it later, or perhaps a hugging salt and pepper shaker set symbolic of your love.

Use your cunning and creativity to make Colour Me Mine a very romantic occasion for you and your partner! Its easy to do and affordable to say the least, most of the ceramic pieces cost around $35.

3 Locations

I love Calgary YYC

  • 334 14th Street NW - 403-249-4386
  • #115 333 Aspen Glen Landing SW - 403-984-4386
  • 41 High Street SE - 403-264-2022

Calgary Hidden Gems - Colour Me Mine

Have you been to one of the Colour Me Mine locations in Calgary?

If so, what is your favourite part about their activities? Please leave us a comment below and let us know!

Until next time, be sure to check out these Calgary Hidden Gems…

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