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Calgary Home Selling Tips – Protecting Your Privacy

Calgary Home Selling Tips – Protecting Your Privacy

Calgary Home Selling Tips Protecting Your PrivacyAre you thinking of selling your home or are already in the process?

If your home is currently listed for sale, it’s very likely you have cleaned everything from top to bottom and have made your house as tidy and as presentable as can be. This is a good start!

But before you let any prospective buyers into your home, it’s in your best interests to consider taking some steps that will help protect your privacy to the fullest.

Interested Buyers

After all, if a potential buyer is extremely interested in your home it’s likely they will want to see more than just what’s on the surface.

You can fully expect them to open up permanent drawers so they can see how much space is available for their belongings and see if they are in proper working order.

Also common in showings is for buyers to open closets and storage spaces so they can once again determine if there is enough space for their needs and to see what condition the space is in.

Therefore do yourself a favour and protect your privacy to the fullest when selling your home by following these few easy steps!

1 – Clean and organize drawers and closet spaces

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So your house is spotless! However, have you paid any attention to the condition of your drawers and closets lately?

Sometimes we don’t necessarily remove all the contents out of drawers and closets when cleaning. Over time these storage spaces are prone to collecting mass amounts of dirt.

Opening a drawer to find all sorts of uncleanliness could potentially cause a buyer to develop a negative opinion about the care the house has received over the years.

  • Were the furnace air filters changed regularly?
  • What about the humidifier filters?
  • Was there standard home maintenance performed on a regular basis?

These are but a few of the questions they might begin asking themselves that could drive them away from purchasing your home.

2 – Take down personal photos and diplomas

In some instances buyers can develop opinions about the owner of the home if they see things like photos and diplomas.

For example, a buyer could notice a recently completed degree and guess that the owner is in debt up to their nose and needs cash quick, resulting in a lower offer.

This is just one of the many possibilities. You never know!

3 – Remove personal documentation

It’s best to remove any personal documentation lying around the house and put it in a place for safe keeping. Just keep in mind that permanent cabinetry isn’t the best place to put it as potential buyers will likely be inspecting almost every, if not all of these drawers and closets.

The last thing you want is to have a home buyer see your credit card statement with a massive debt and assume that you need to sell your home quickly.

Don’t let anyone assume anything about you; it’s in your best interests to keep all financial and personal letters, mail and any other personal documentation well hidden from sight.

Protecting Your Privacy

Protecting your privacy is an essential aspect of selling your home. It goes hand in hand with preventing potential buyers from developing opinions that could diminish their interests or could give them a reason to make less of an offer.

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