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Calgary Home Selling Tips – Using Flowers

Use Flowers To Add Colour & Appeal When Selling Your HomeFlowers Curb Appeal Home Calgary

As soon as a potential buyer walks into your house for a showing, its important you make as good of an impression as you can, and having lots of colourful, nice-scented flowers around can most definitely contribute to accomplishing that goal.

Flowers are bright, colourful and can be an easy way to decorate, and even are also known to have a calming therapeutic effect. When selling your Calgary home, flowers can bring an otherwise dull room to life and help your home show its absolute best. See more Calgary Home Sellers Tips today.

Silk vs. Realusing Flowers to sell your Calgary Home

You can choose to decorate your home with real or silk flowers depending on several factors.  Modern manufacturing  means many of today’s silk flowers are surprisingly similar to the real thing.

One of the biggest issues affecting people`s choice between real and silk is allergies. You may want to consider using silk versus real simply due to the chance that a potential buyer may be allergic.

Maintenance can also be a concern. Many homeowners may choose silk flowers because they require zero upkeep and will last a very long time. Silk is also more affordable because they do not need to be frequently replaced.

After all that there are still many benefits to choosing real flowers as well and one of the biggest reasons can be the smell and the fact flowers are organic and not artificial, which may leave a strong impression on a buyer who pays attention to the little details.

Flower Printsusing flowers in your kitchen

You can also add flowers to your home without every having to actually buy flowers, either real or silk. The secret is making a good use of flowered prints.

There is an abundance of art prints and beautiful floral photography featuring both single flowers, small gardens and large majestic floral displays.

As a Calgary home-owner, you can choose to skip the real vs. silk dilemma and opt for some framed prints that match the decor either on or above your desk, in your living room, inside a built-in or as a large print displayed on a wall in your home.

The only caution with using prints is try not to go overboard; a garden of flower prints on every wall in every room of your home could be over kill.

Greet Your GuestsVictoria Park Condo Realtor Calgary

If you really want to garner the wow factor, use some outdoor planters or add a hanging flower basket near your front door. When someone walks up to your home, it will be impossible not to notice the colour and subtle positive emotional response that elicits.

In the spring and summer you can also add flowers to your landscaping to improve your Calgary home`s exterior curb appeal.

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