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Calgary Infill Buyers Guide – Exposure

  • May 28, 2015
  • By Cody Battershill

Calgary Infill Buyers Guide to Lot ExposureHillhurst Calgary Homes Construction Infills

If you are thinking of buying a Calgary infill or have been on the hunt for building sites, one important factor to consider is lot exposure.

West and south back yards, for example, in almost every situation will have lots of light throughout the day and provide a great patio space if you choose. The back side of most homes typically have lots of windows, which will also allow a lot of natural light to enter.

If you are really into BBQ's, landscaping, entertaining and being outside in the summer, then this is one item you will want to weigh in on carefully.

North and east facing back yards typically don't let in as much sunlight, keeping your home much cooler during those hot spring and summer days. Perhaps you aren't too fond of the sun at all... then one of these lots may be best for you.

Once again, its important you consider your homes exposure to sunlight as it can affect how much satisfaction you get out of your purchase.

Consider Every ScenarioVictoria Park Condo Realtor Calgary

It is important to consider the lifestyle benefits of the inner city home you are considering in every season, on both the shortest day of the year and the longest.

If you find your perfect inner city infill but it is not a west backyard for example there are still ways to make sure you get the best enjoyment out of your yard every day of the year.

This is part of the decision making process I can assist you with in weighing the positives of every home and considering how it will fit into your lifestyle.

Additionally there are several techniques you can use in the building design to maximize the natural sunlight throughout the home.

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