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Calgary Infills Buyers Guide – Amenities

Calgary Inner City Buyers Guide – AmenitiesInner City Homes Calgary Infills

Residents living in Calgary’s inner city communities have some of the best access to amenities and services there is.

On Crescent Heights southern border, for example, you’ll find the beautiful plateau pathway above the Bow River and downtown in the distance, while on the northern and eastern side are the amenity-packed corridors of Centre Street and 16th Avenue North. Crescent Heights is just one of many examples of inner city neighbourhoods with quick and easy access to a variety of amenities.

While all inner city areas share this convenience, some, as a matter of fact, are better off than others when it comes to accessibility on foot or in a vehicle.

If you are in the market for an inner city home in Calgary, here are a few things “amenity-wise” that you should consider before making a move.

WalkabilityKensington Calgary Walkable Communities

Walking to the corner store, tanning salon, restaurant patio or summer festival perhaps may be something that you (and your family) are looking for.

If this is true, then you’ll want to carefully consider which inner city community you buy in, and just as importantly, where the property is located within the community.

For example, a new infill home on the western side of Sunnyside may be a more viable option if walking into the Kensington Business Revitalization Zone is something you would enjoy doing on a consistent basis.

Another example would be the inner city community of South Calgary; on its south side is the Marda Loop Business Revitalization Zone, home to over one hundred shops, restaurants and other services all reachable within a few minutes’ walk which may result in you having more satisfaction out of your home purchase.

Yardhouse Kensington Road Calgary AlbertaQuantity

We briefly discuss two of the Business Revitalization Zone’s (BRZ) in Calgary above: Marda Loop and Kensington. Well, these particular areas have a much more concentrated amount of amenities in comparison to your typical inner city throughways.

Let’s consider the convenience of a large quantity of amenities in a single area a bit further.

Renfrew, for example, an up and coming inner city neighbourhood in the northeast, has some nearby amenities found in Bridgeland along 1st Avenue NE and also along 4th Street NE, although there is less than what you would find in a more concentrated area such as in the BRZ’s.

Hence, if you would like to knock off all your errands in one shot, living close to one of Calgary’s BRZ’s, the beltline, downtown or the up and coming amenities in East Village may be something you’ll want to consider.

Convenience916 Memorial new condos kensington Calgary

The proximity you have to nearby amenities, if important to you, also ties into getting the most out of your inner city home purchase.

One proximity-related thing to think about is if you have to traverse main city routes to get to those amenities which something that you don’t necessarily want to do during rush hour, or anytime for that matter if you don’t have to. It all adds up to more convenience and also greatly contributes to walkability which we discuss above.

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