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Why Change the Locks When Buying a New House?

  • January 9, 2019
  • By Cody Battershill

Bought a New House? Change the Locks... ASAP!change your locks and passcodes when buying a new home

Did you just buy a new house? If so... that's amazing, and congratulations! Buying a new home is as exciting as it gets, and you'll want to take a few steps to make it as secure as possible after taking possession - like changing the locks!

During the home buying / building process, there will be agents and other industry personnel entering and leaving a house frequently, if not daily. In many instances, these persons are given access to the home in one form or another.

A key for the front door or the garage code for the opener (if installed already) is commonplace. If buying a resale property, you never know just how many keys a previous owner made for a given lock.

Don't get us wrong... we expect industry professionals to be professional, trustworthy and show due diligence when handling keys. However, you're better off taking no chances when it comes to the security of your home and family. This is why you should change the locks as soon as possible after taking possession.

#1- Schedule Lock Change Ahead of TimeBuying a Home Calgary

Be prepared for changing the locks ahead of time by making an appointment. This will save you time and quite possibly some money as well.

That's because the locksmith can prepare the types of locks and cut new keys at the shop before heading to your house. This is often much more efficient, and often less expensive than doing it on site.

Being organized is just generally a good idea when buying a home, period. Also see:

#2- Acquire the Information You Needchanging the locks when buying a new home security organizing

You'll want all the details of the current locks. Ask the previous owner / home builder for any specifications so you can conveniently provide this information to the locksmith. This includes:

  • Number of locks to be changed
  • Type of locks
  • Cost of locks

Different lock types offer different quality and security. A general rule (as with most things you can buy) is the better the lock, the more expensive it will be. You'll want to discuss the cost of replacing the locks with your locksmith and see if it fits your budget.

For ease of access, newly designed "smart" locks are a great way to avoid fussing with keys when entering and leaving your home. Check them out if you don't have already!

#3- Change Any PasscodesCalgary Infill Buyers Guide - Change the Locks

Today's homes come equipped with much more than just locks. New "smart" technology now allows most door locks to be opened using a passcode or a smartphone. There's even fingerprint and eye detection software if you want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on the security of your home.

Most of us, however, will just have one on the front and back door, or perhaps just the garage access pad. Make sure to find the instructions for the garage pad and change the passcode after taking possession.

Also, do the same for any other passcoded locks, but make sure to replace them if they can be opened with a key.

Don't Forget to Change Your Locks!

Security for a new home starts the moment you take possession. Make sure you're prepared by:

  • scheduling an appointment with a locksmith
  • having the right information readily available regarding the locks
  • change other security system passcodes

Having peace of mind knowing that you're the only one with a key to your home goes a long way in feeling safe and secure - the way it should be when you've bought a new home and have finally moved in to enjoy it!

Questions about Buying a Home in Calgary?

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