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Calgary Infills Buyers Guide – Warranty

  • February 23, 2012
  • By Cody Battershill

Calgary Infills Buyers Guide – Warranty

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our Calgary infills buyers guide. this is tip #5 of our 10 Calgary infills buyer guide tips. In this tip we discuss the issue of warranties in depth.Calgary new home buyers warranty

Discuss Your Warranty

Lets be honest, having a warranty is an important detail we have come to expect when making any large tangible purchase whether it be a car, appliance, home or otherwise.

When you are buying a new inner city infill it is important to most buyers to have some added peace of mind with the protection afforded by a home warranty. Not only does it say the builder is confident in his product but it does add another layer of diligence and comfort to your purchase.

A home warranty plan is a home insurance plan to assist you in the event of an incident which meets the criteria and guidelines of the warranties coverage. This plan can provide a heightened level of comfort for home-owners when unpredicted events go awry.

Two Warranty's

When buying a new inner city infill or a new home of any type you typically will have 2 warranties. The first is a builder warranty, most often for 1 year that the builder guarantees for issues of a comprehensive nature. This would typically cover any thing that may go wrong with the home.

Second and sometimes required by a mortgage lender for financing reasons you might have a warranty program the builder is a part of that covers major items like structural deficiencies and for a longer term, typically 3 or 5 years. There are a variety of popular warranty programs in Alberta including the Alberta New Home Warrant, progressive warranty and national warranty programs.

When you are buying a new inner city home, ask about the warranty and get any details provided to you in writing. it is not unusual to ahve a 1 year builder and 5 year structural warrant provided to you as a part of the features the builder is offering with the home.

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