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8 Features Any Calgary Luxury Home Buyer Should Look For

  • August 18, 2015
  • By Cody Battershill

8 Luxury Home Features You (Probably) Want in Your New PlaceCalgary Luxury Homes

As a luxury buyer, you probably already ­have a check list of what exactly it is you are looking for out of your next real estate purchase.

To start, it could be a location such as a quiet cul-de-sac with panoramic views or perhaps an estate lot backing out onto the river.

But let’s put aside location for a second. Have you thought about what home features you would like? This is something that any luxury buyer should spend a good amount of time thinking about.

Here are some that you will definitely want to consider when on the hunt for that next special luxury property.

#1 - Unique ArchitectureLuxury Home Search

One thing that sets luxury homes apart from the rest is architecture.

A high-end home with unique exterior and interior design isn’t only going to be more desirable in the now, but also more likely to retain its value compared to a cookie cutter property of the same type.

Also if you are considering a resale property, look for one with “good bones” – unique style, solid foundation, artistic features and quality materials used in the build.

#2 - Clear ViewsCrestmont Southwest Calgary Homes for Sale

There are few things that will improve your overall enjoyment of living in a given luxury property other than a beautiful panoramic view.

That could be of the surrounding city, prairies to the east or of the foothills and mountains to the west, or perhaps a small lake surrounded by aspen groves in the southwest quadrant.

Whatever it is, remember that it will increase resale value if and when the time comes.

#3 - Practical Layout

If you are going to fork out the money for a luxury home or condo, you might want to look for one with a practical layout where clear divisions between social and private areas can easily be made.

That extra space will go a long ways in keeping things as comfortable as possible when having family and / or friends over.

Additions could include an extra guest house on top of the garage, or perhaps a basement suite with full kitchen and bar that could be used for either hosting guests or entertaining on game night.

#4 - Ceiling Heightluxury home interior bedroom Calgary Alberta

Most homes have nine foot standard ceilings nowadays, although most high-end properties go even higher than that.

There are many reasons why a high ceiling is an attractive feature: an open-concept feel, added extravagant design and enhanced beauty of the interior are a few.

It may be trickier to get these high ceilings in new Calgary luxury condos, but they do exist.

#5 - Garage Size & Storage

Some luxury buyers need that extra garage space for additional cars and other vehicles such as boats, ski-doos or motorbikes that they might have, hence, a three or even five car garage might be on the checklist.

If you do happen to find a great property but with a smaller sized garage, you could always consider adding car lifts to double the storage space (if they fit).

The same goes for the inside of the house; there should be ample closet space not just for one, but for two in the master bedroom and more than enough additional storage in the basement and / or other rooms for all your stuff.

#6 - Large LotParkhill Stanley Park Calgary luxury homes

A large house on a large piece of land will provide more privacy as a result of more space between you and your neighbours.

Having plenty of backyard space could be great for kids’ playtime as well as entertaining guests, although many luxury buyers nowadays aren’t necessarily looking for that added yard space for various reasons.

The question becomes: if you think that you and your family will make good use of the yard space, then get it!

#7 - Fitness Area

Many people in current times have become very conscientious of living a healthy lifestyle.

Having said that, a fully equipped fitness gym right at home can go a long ways in making exercising as convenient as it gets, especially in a city like Calgary where it can be cold for six months of the year.

Remember that you are more likely to use this area if you have all the equipment needed to work out like if you were at the local gym.

Look for a dedicated space with enough room to move and set up full wall mirrors plus a mounted HDTV and you will be off to the races.

#8 - Other Featuresluxury home game room pool table interior

  • Do you want a full steam shower?
  • What about a full movie theatre in the basement?
  • How about a 100 bottle wine cellar for your collection?
  • Maybe a cemented court in the backyard for basketball and / or hockey?
  • Remember that games room you always wanted?

Whatever the feature is, I encourage you to spend the extra cash and either develop it yourself or find a property with exactly what you are looking for.

Some compromises might have to be made, but they should always be minor as you are spending a lot of money and should get everything that you want out of your next luxury real estate purchase.

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