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Calgary Ranked 7th by Numbeo’s Quality of Life Index

Calgary Named 7th of 100 Cities for Highest Quality of Life


Calgary has done it again; another accolade from another research institution proclaiming great things about our city. This time around, the award has to do with our high quality of life.

According to Numbeo, in 2013 Calgary ranked 7th of 100 global cities for the highest quality of life. Looking at the top 20 cities below and their respective scores, we should definitely be proud to be among the best!

Numbeo’s Top 20 Global Cities

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1 – Zurich, Switzerland – 233.72

2 – Canberra, Australia – 219.15

3 – Adelaide, Australia – 214.61

4 – Berlin, Germany – 213.50

5 – Munich, Germany – 210.24

6 – Edmonton, Canada – 208.74

7 – Calgary, Canada – 202.72

8 – Hamburg, Germany – 201.55

9 – Austin, TX, USA – 199.52

10 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 195.49

11 – Bergen, Norway – 191.28

12 – Boston, MA, USA – 188.42

13 – Trondheim, Norway – 188.01

14 – Victoria, Canada – 182.60

15 – Chicago, IL, USA – 182.13

16 – Belfast, United Kingdom – 181.65

17 – Doha, Qatar – 180.84

18 – San Diego, CA, USA – 180.53

19 – San Francisco, CA, USA – 177.23

20 – Cape Town, South Africa – 176.19

  • Source – Numbeo 2013 (Q1) / Calgary Economic Development

Method of ApproachCalgary Facts Calgaryism

Numbeo’s Quality of Life Index is an educated estimation using a formula created by the company and is based on tried experiments.

For example, Numbeo places the amount of pollution as the highest weighted factor in the rankings. If pollution is widespread, the environment deteriorates, as does the general health of a population.

Numbeo’s second highest factor is safety. They believe that feeling safe living in a particular place is more important than feeling wealthy. Then and again, they aren’t the only ones to put pollution and safety at the top of the list of factors when determining other similar rankings such as Mercer’s 2012 Highest Quality of Life Survey.

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