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Calgary – Top One Way U-Haul Destination City in Canada

Calgary – Top One Way U Haul Destination City in Canada

Calgary Top UHAUL Destination in Canada

According to the annual U-Haul National Migration Trend Report, Calgary is the top destination city in Canada for one way U-Haul trucks in 2012.

It’s true; there are tens of thousands of people moving to Calgary every year.

Falling from the top spot to number 2 is Toronto, a city who reigned as the top one way u-haul destination for 10 years!

Top 10 U-Haul Destinations in Canada

  1. Calgary
  2. Toronto
  3. Montreal
  4. Edmonton
  5. Ottawa
  6. Vancouver
  7. London
  8. Kitchener
  9. Mississauga
  10. Hamilton

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